Festive Favourites

Winter is definitely a good time to revamp the wardrobe and create some new looks. This year I have decided to venture into the world of mustard yellows and dark reds, veering slightly away from the basic greys, whites and blacks I would usually pick out. I’ve also adopted a different palette in the eyeshadow department, going for bold copper for contrast and even choosing greys. A few of my new favourite products are listed below. Enjoy!

december favourites 4

Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream

I received this in the Revolution Advent Calendar and was pleasantly surprised. The smooth consistency, subtle yet popping glow and the glittery finish of the strobe cream makes it a definite favourite! Since I haven’t yet ventured out into the world of strobe creams and gels, this one might have made the leap of faith for me…

revolution calendar 7

The Body Shop Spiced Apple Shower Gel

Apple and spices are two very festive scents, both having connotations of warm meals inside on a wintry day. This shower gel perfectly mixes both smells to create a gorgeous product. I also love the packaging, which is a no-brainer seeing as everything The Body Shop sell is gorgeous. This has to be one of the best in my opinion!

december favourites 1

Revolution Nudes 2018 Lip 

I don’t often wear lipsticks but the set of 3 nude colours have really caught my eye, and the one pictured is my favourite. The shade works with most colours and is noticeable but not too attention-seeking, and the consistency and appliance brush are both ideal. The set is also wintry and I often pair the lippies with a bright sweater and jeans for subtle contrast; if you’re looking for an inexpensive lipstick (or three) for the winter months, I definitely suggest these.

december favourites 3

Argan Oil Hand and Nail Cream

It’s no secret practically everyone’s hands look completely different than they do in summer, but honestly this cream is the BEST. It disguises any hangnails and imperfections around the nail beds, smoothes skin, smells amazing and is a handbag-sized tube, ideal for holidays and travelling. This stays in my bag 24/7 and is always with me in case of emergency! The price is also only £1, insanely cheap for such an effective hand cream.

december favourites 7.jpg

Micellar Water 400ml 

I’ve tried the Simple Cleansing Micellar Water and concluded that this one is definitely better; my makeup comes off more easily using this product and it causes less irritation (my skin is ridiculously sensitive *rolls eyes*). It is also better value for money and I think the cleansing side of the water is also better, as I don’t always need to cleanse my face afterwards.

december favourites 5.jpg

Bourjois Brush

I really love this brush and although its main purpose is for blusher, I also use it to apply the odd bit of foundation around more sensitive areas and to blend highlight and eye shadows. It looks cute, works as it should, has extra purposes and is a vital part of your makeup bag.

Ted Baker Mini Perfume

These are probably one of my favourite things ever. They’re affordable, gorgeous, travel-sized and smell heavenly. As you may know if you are following me, I am a big fan of Ted Baker and the packaging makes me want to buy every product just to display at home, and these perfumes meet the high standards already set by other products. Many of my friends will also be receiving these as gifts, too!

december favourites 6.jpg

Nail Polish by Autograph

This is such a pretty colour! I often veer away from the paler shades, including nudes, as I think they are too subtle and will often look bad compared with my pale skintone. However, I experimented with this and used a darker accent nail and polka dots to

The Body Shop Mango Lip Scrub

I got this is in the Advent calendar and love it. Similar to all other lib scrubs but once applied, it lasts for hours, looks nice and smells great (although my brother realised the smell was nicer than the taste). The only disadvantage with the product is the small pot means it runs out quickly, but I can assure you I will be picking up another once the current one has finished!

Tell A Beautiful Story Star

I actually got this as a gift from my parents for my birthday and am obsessed. It stands on my desk and provides some much-needed wintry aesthetics; it’s just so adorable! Although I don’t know where this one was bought, there are many very similar ideas floating around in New Look and River Island.

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