Fashion Lifesavers For People With Depression: Guest Post By Beatriz Jorge

This post is a useful guide to any readers who may be struggling with positivity, experiencing depression or just going through a rough patch currently. This is written by Beatriz, a friend of mine who has become a close one simply through blogging, and is very inspirational: you can follow her on Instagram here. 
Last year I’ve tried many different makeup brands, activities, clothing styles, types of music and so whatever…

It’s been a huge fight to find myself and who I really am. I’m still trying to, especially with all the depression and low self-esteem situation, fashion and beauty have been a huge help for me so I used it to help myself being more confident.

Makeup has helped me a lot since I finally found the foundation that covers my skin perfectly, has the perfect tone and a smooth consistency, that made me feel more secure about myself: the MAC BB cream that I talked about on my first post! Also the Kiko waterproof mascara that really pushes up my lashes and gives them a little bit of volume! It’s perfect and I love it! I still haven’t found the perfect concealer though, because my dark circles are really dark… so if you know any concealer that perfectly covers those circles please let me know in the comments!

In terms of clothing styles, I’ve really tried a lot of them… I tried hipster, gothic, etc… but I fell in love with shabby chic! It’s the cutest and since my favorite color is light pastel pink, it’s just perfect! And, since the mane colors are light it influences my mood a lot which is great considering my situation.

Music is also a huge lifesaver! My music taste depends a lot on my mood. When I feel more blue I listen to slower songs because it’s a way to feel comfortable with myself and the situation I’m in, and when I feel more happy I can listen to anything at all because once that music is my life anything fits the moment.

And these are my lifesavers that have always helped me along my path.

Thank you for reading it,


Enjoy this and fancy reading more of her work? She is a fellow lifestyle blogger and also uses WordPress, so go and show the love on her blog here!



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