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As a lifestyle blogger, I definitely feel the need to have other similar – and in some cases, very different – blogs on my BlogLovin’ feed, in my suggested Safari sites, or bookmarked on Google Chrome, in my Reader, and on my social media. Reading what other people write is ridiculously addictive and can literally take up hours of my time, scrolling through the apps in my Blogging section on my phone, or when I log into WordPress daily to check my stats and find an array of new posts I’m itching to read.

Partly due to popular demand and partly because I feel like every girl blogger – or girl who doesn’t own a blog, or anyone ever really – needs a list of some bloggers they really should be aware of, ranging from lifestyle to mental health to beauty. Here they are!

Charlie Star is a beautiful girl who blogs about lifestyle and beauty, but she also offers extra posts with great advice, especially on relationships. She is a close friend and since I have discovered her blog, I really haven’t stopped reading.

Be Your Own Light posts about mental health and recovering from mental illnesses; I love her style of writing and find what she shares so uplifting and motivational. Her blog is also gorgeously designed! Thumbs up all around.

Imperfect Beauty is a beauty blogger who shares her hauls, favourite products, monthly makeup round ups and reviews on the blog; she also has beautiful photography and I am definitely jealous of the styling on her blog. Ever in need of a few makeup recommendations? You know where to go!

Darly blogs about beauty, fashion and pretty much everything else under the sun. I for one love the range of things she talks about and this blog is definitely up there with my suggestions on Google; she is also a much more well-known blogger, as over 28,000 other people follow her.

Randoms by a Random is another mental health blog describing her own fights and also posting other inspirational and certainly very truthful and personal accounts; I love that what she writes is now being recognised more and again, I am a frequent reader of each posts she publishes.

Into the Gloss is a beauty blog where you really can find everything and anything. I am particularly obsessed with her Drugstore Makeup Dupes which are amazing and a great guide if you’re on a budget!

Mental Illness Talk does exactly that, providing a safe and super interesting place to read all about depression, anxiety and low moods. I recommend checking her out if you suffer with either of those disorders as the advice she gives is amazing.

Makeup and Coffee Cups is a blogger friend I’ve made, and she really is the sweetest girl; I also read her blog daily and my favourite of her posts is the Beauty Stocking Stuffers, where I admittedly picked up a few things for my friends. Give her some support and head over for a look!

Kate Bartlett blogs about beauty, style and life and her Instagram is the most aesthetically pleasing thing you will ever meet. She’s another blogger you simply can’t miss and her page is 100% worth checking out!

Blue Light Blue is my favourite mental health blogger due to her honesty and freedom of speech as she writes; everything is so beautifully spoken and she really is someone to look up to.

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