Revolution 12 Days of Christmas Calendar: Review

Hi all!

I don’t often review products for blog posts but I decided this one was worth it! I received this gorgeous calendar as a gift and I think it has been the perfect mix of makeup items to last me the winter and all next year. Admittedly, though, I opened it on the same day I received it, which probably did limit the excitement of having an advent calendar. Unlike some calendars that contain all one product, I really love the selection of products that have been used. The calendar contains three eyeshadow palettes, a brow palette, a blush and highlight palette and a strobe balm palette, an eye primer as well as makeup setting spray, aqua base primer, a set of four makeup brushes, the Nudes Lipsticks 2018 and strobe cream.

My favourite product is the HD Brows Palette because the range of shades means the palette will work for any brunette, and the consistency of the makeup allows easy appliance and sculpting before filling in. Unlike other brow products, it stays on for the whole day and the different shades are perfect. I would definitely recommend buying! The highlighting section also allows you to enhance your eyebrows and I am so impressed with the transition I have made – I can now create a higher arch and more defined edge using the paler highlight. This has now become my go-to brow product and I use it almost every day.

The calendar contains these three eyeshadow palettes, which are well selected as the two copper and nude-based colours are perfect for everyday makeup, and the brighter palette is more suited for nights out. However, I have experimented with a few of the shades and love the cobalt blue colour used as an eyeliner; I simply used a thin line of it on the inner eyelid and instead of being overpowering and very obvious, it was subtly clever. In the second palette photographed by itself, I have used most of the shades (as given away by the dirty applicant brush!) and love them all, especially the bronze shades in the upper middle section.

This palette contains baked highlighter, highlight powder, pressed blusher and baked blusher and is honestly one of the most aesthetically pleasing palettes I own. The baked highlighters are probably my favourite due to their gorgeous shimmer and how they last for the entire day. I don’t often use blusher but the pressed blushers are subtle yet enough and I would recommend them to anyone who hasn’t properly tried experimenting with blusher yet, as they add a hint of colour to the cheeks with only a few dabs of product.

Further, the Ultra Strobe Cream is included, which I am pretty obsessed with (disclaimer – this may appear in the December Favourites post coming to you in a few days!). It can be applied to the whole face before applying the rest of your makeup or used in only a few targeted areas for extra glow. I use a dab of this on my cheekbones and my nose for extra shine, then add a slight hint of the baked highlighter from the palette above on my cheekbones.

revolution calendar 7

The Pro Fixing Spray and Aqua Priming Base are also included – I love both of these, especially the Makeup Fixing Spray, which I honestly can’t stop singing praises about. It does its job perfectly, is easy to apply, takes around a second to try and looks nice. All you need! The Aqua Priming Base  isn’t a product I use frequently as I don’t often use primer or much skin makeup, but I tried it out in preparation for a party and the application is easy and smooth, it doesn’t cause irritation and it serves as a smooth and gorgeous base.

revolution calendar 8

Further, the Ultra Strobe Balm Palette is part of the calendar, and I have been admittedly quite apprehensive about trying this. After a few experiments, I concluded the lighter shades (cream, white and a minty green) work best and give the best glow, and I loved how the pinky shades contrasted with the Strobe Cream to create a pale pink shimmer. Again, a product I would use and recommend to friends or family, but not one I’m crazy about – yet.

I unfortunately don’t have a picture of the Eye Primer but use it everyday as it really lengthens the time you can wear eyeshadow for. It also doubled up as a concealer! The only bad thing about the Eye Primer is its small size, meaning I’ll have to go out and purchase a new one as this has really improved the longevity of my eye makeup!

revolution calendar 3

Coming to the final two products in the calendar, one was quite disappointing whereas the other was surprisingly gorgeous – The Nudes 2018 and the brush set included. I really love The Nudes as the three lipsticks are all slightly different in colour but work with almost any makeup look or outfit, have a smooth consistency and an easy-to-apply brush. They look amazing together and work very well – definitely an added bonus. I also like that they’re quite wintry, darker shades and none are too bright to wear out.

december favourites 3

However, I didn’t like the mini set of Limited Edition brushes that came with the calendar. Partly because they are small and I prefer longer handles in order to have more precision with eye shadows and highlight, but also because they are almost the generic set of makeup brushes everyone already has – a set of 2 foundation and blush brushes or a set devoted to eye makeup brushes would have been better suited for me.

Overall, I would rate the 12 Days of Christmas Revolution Calendar a 9/10 as most of the products are stunning, practical and will be recommended to friends. I was particularly impressed with the Brows Palette as I’d never considered buying brow products at Revolution before and the Strobe Cream as it brightens your whole look and gives that natural hint of shimmer. If you’re looking for some new makeup to revamp your collection, I recommend checking out this calendar as I know it was still available after Christmas, and at £60 it’s a well-priced product.

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