January Favourites

january favourites

Wow, it’s the time of the month to write a blog post containing my favourite makeup, bath and body, hair and nails products as well as any books, films, music or even clothes from that past month. It really feels like last week I was writing the December Favourites post last month; January has practically whizzed by! Anyone else feeling a little shocked that a whole month has gone by already?

Following Christmas, January is the month for saving up the mountains of money you spent during the festive period, trying to use as many of the gifts you received as possible and eating a lot of food! Sounds pretty good to me. Here is my list of amazing beauty products, books and any style items I’ve discovered this month! Enjoy.

Revolution Pro Fixing Spray

Whether you simply have a smokey eye or a full face of foundation, this spray will finish your look and stiffen any loose edges – in a good way. The packaging is attractive, it isn’t expensive, you get a lot of use out of the product, and it does it’s job well!

The Body Shop Eye Makeup Remover

I know in previous posts this has been mentioned, but it deserves more than a mention! The consistency is thicker than any other makeup remover I have ever purchased and it is super easy to apply to any makeup, working quickly and effectively; I often use this product for small makeup errors, such as mascara tragedies, and it works really well on a cotton bud as the application is easier than ever. I also like the new minimalistic range The Body Shop has launched and love the packaging!

Soap & Glory Sugar Scrub Body Wash

I am a little obsessed with Soap & Glory in general; the gorgeous packaging, the fruity smells, everything. This body wash comes in the cutest dispenser and is bright pink, so it is immediately scoring points on the visually appealing scale. Further, it smells heavenly and really leaves me feeling fresh and summery, which is definitely lusted after as this winter seems to be a long one! In short, pretty much perfect, and a much needed addition to my growing collection of bath and body products.

Soap & Glory Mini Body Sprays Set

Elaborating on my love for the body wash, I think the sprays deserve a place in this shortlist too! They all smell different yet beautiful, and I have one in my school bag, one sat on my desk and one in my travel beauty bag! Whenever I wear these I get compliments and honestly they are just the cutest to have in your bag! Soap & Glory really upped their game with these and it’s safe to say I’m obsessed. I also love how the scents are matching to the body lotions! Definitely a winner.

Maybelline Lash Extending Mascara

This is the best mascara I have ever used, hands down. The packaging looks nice yet also simplistic, the brush is cleverly shaped and perfect for smooth applicable, and the actual mascara never clumps. It actually does look as if my lashes are lengthened! If you’re on the lookout for an affordable yet amazing mascara, this is the one you want. Promise.

Everything Everything (DVD)

After reading the book and loving it, I was given the DVD as a gift for Christmas and it came out on Boxing Day, and since then I’ve watched it many times! Although I think the book is better than the movie, it’s still worth a watch and certainly still an enjoyable evening spent cuddling down with some blankets and hot chocolate! The ending never fails to make me cry and it’s certainly a film for a girly night in.

Adidas Cropped Sweater

I’m so obsessed with is at the minute! I bought this a few months back but as the weather is warming I’m wearing it more and more. I love the simple colours as they work with pretty much anything and it is cropped at the perfect height so you can pair it with leggings or sweatpants for a comfy night in or with jeans for going out.

Fluffy Socks

Winter essentials, yes. Adorable, yes. Useful, yes. Check! These socks are honestly the warmest thing and I wear them around the house 24/7, whether it be at the weekend or in the morning before heading off to school. The adorable polar bear features improve them even more, and I really love them! These were just the cutest Christmas present and I love coming home to them and some warm sweatpants in the winter.

Ring Set, Accessorize

Just before Christmas I went to Oxford with a close friend shopping and spotted these rings, all of which are gold and rose gold, and fell in love. I wear all five constantly and they’re so gorgeous; the perfect accessory to wear with almost any outfit and for £10, the set was super affordable.

Sleek Highlight Palette

This was given to me as a Christmas gift and I love it; the packaging is gorgeous, metallic and a little holographic and the four shades are all perfect for different areas of the face. This is a necessity for my makeup bag now and I wear the pinky shade constantly as it defines the cheekbones and leaves a stunning colour. If you’re looking for an inexpensive highlight that is straight to the point and does its job, this is the one for you!

Jim Chapman 147 Things

This book is so perfect for a funny and easy read, as well as a go-to guide to almost everything. I read it in two days solid and love Jim’s writing style – you should definitely cehck this book out! It’s also a break from your average novel and I love the layout of the book and how you can skip from chapter to chapter.

USA PRO Boyfriend Tanks

After recovering from an injury I’m almost ready to start competive gymnastics again and so that called for a Sports Direct and ASOS mini haul of sportswear, leggings and sweaters. My favourite items were two racerback USA PRO tanks and the material is super soft and so easy to tumble in! I wear them constantly and bought the shirts in Diva Pink and Black, which go well with my leggings and gymnastics shorts. They are also a massive bargain and I really recommend them to anyone who runs, does dance or gymnastics and is looking out for a bargain! I also wear these on sick days and if I ever go out running just because they’re super comfy.

Distressed Jeans 

I found these gorgeous skinny jeans in New Look the other day and tried them on to realise they were the perfect fit; they’re also a really nice shade of light blue that goes with almost anything and the rips look authentic but aren’t revealing or uncomfortable. Usually I prefer Topshop jeans because their range is amazing and I’m in love with the fit but these were a must for my wardrobe and I’ve worn them at least six times so far. My lesson learned is to never underestimate cheaper shops!


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