Top 10 Under £10

I’ve compiled a list of all my favourite beauty products under £10, all from cruelty free sellers of course, that I would like to share with you. These are the perfect way to top up your collection and add a pop of colour without breaking the bank.

#1 – NYX Build ‘Em Up Brow Powder

This is actually a lifesaver which is why it’s placed at number one on my list; the colours are completely perfect, so easy to apply, you can shape your brows again afterwards if you need to and the colour comes off with micellar water, and the definition it gives you is insane.    £7.50, Superdrug

#2 – The Body Shop Smokey Eye Definer Pencil

I love the Body Shop with a passion and after receiving the Advent calendar, I have realised their range of beauty products is actually a lot better than I had thought and since buying the calendar, I have gone out solely to purchase their makeup. This eyeliner is my favourite as it defines the eye as well as the makeup without making you look as if you’ve used sharpie. The pencil is thin and easy to apply but also dark enough to have clear results, and I love it! The perfect pencil eyeliner for any occasion.      £9, The Body Shop

#3 – Revolution Ultra 32 Eyeshadow Palette Flawless 3 Resurrection

This is a perfect palette and the fact you can buy it for only £8 is amazing. I use this most days and have tried out almost all of the shades are my absolute favourites have to be the golds and also the peachy pink. If you’re in need of mixing up your eyeshadow a little and are looking for a larger palette, this one meets all the criteria! It also saves you bringing three or four smaller palettes with you when you travel as it includes everything you need.      £8, Superdrug

#4 – Barry M Super Mani 7 in 1 Nail Treatment

This isn’t so much a beauty product as a health product, but I buy this religiously and it really is amazing. It keeps the nails shiny and strong, prevents chipping, stops any dullness and keeps your fingers looking manicured. I think I get most compliments when I’m wearing this, as it also promotes nail growth and can serve as a topcoat over paler nail colours. This is a necessity for anyone who loves to look after their nails or wears a lot of polish.   £3.99, Superdrug

#5 – e.l.f Flawless Finish Foundation

My go to foundation as the finish is as close to flawless as possible, covers any imperfections and dark circles without being cakey or the wrong shade. It looks natural when applied but hides everything I want it to, feels nice and also looks great in the containers they come in, which is always a bonus. A lot of people sing its praises which is the reason I initially bought it but now its an essential for the makeup bag.     £7.50, Superdrug

#6 – Sleek Highlighter Palette

Yes, this is stretching it a bit, as the palette is listed as £10, but it is too good to miss. I love each colour and use them all for different areas of my face; although it is more expensive than other products in this list, it’s well worth it and definitely not expensive compared to other brands.     £10, Boots

#7 – Real Techniques Instapop Eye Duo

These are everything! Although bigger sets are too expensive for me, this duo works for eyeshadow as well as detailed highlight and contour, so they’re pretty versatile. I also love the design of these brushes and honestly, I might be a little biased as purple is one of my favourite colours. I just couldn’t resist these and they work so well, so if you’re hunting for some good eyeshadow brushes then these are for you! £8, Superdrug

#8 – Revolution Pro Fixing Spray

Although fixing spray might not be on the first ten things you apply to your face every day, or maybe you simply don’t believe in it and never use it, this one is so good. I use it whenever I wear foundation as I feel sometimes it has the tendency to become cakey, but the spray holds everything in place without freezing my face. It’s perfect, is super inexpensive at £5, requires only three sprays to get good coverage, and does its job.  £5, Superdrug

#9 – MUA Prism Lose Powder Highlight

This has to be one of my favourite highlighters ever, and it looks gorgeous in the little pots that MUA sell. I think out of the range I think Star Illusion best as the colour is purest and shows up so well against any skin colour, which is amazing. It is also from MUA’s Vegan Makeup range, and seeing as I am vegetarian, buying makeup products accordingly is something I am trying to do more.     £5, Superdrug

#10 – Revolution Salvation Bright Palette

A little different from most of the products listed below, this is super adventurous and very bright. I love Revolution’s huge range of colours in each palette and this doesn’t fail to live up to the expectations, with some very different shades and each one as vibrant as the next. Although not for everyday use, they work as a pop of colour along the lashline as well as a brighter smokey eye, and bright palettes like this one are a necessity for any beauty guru’s collection.    £4, Superdrug

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