Beauty Products I Can’t Live Without

As soon as you’ve read the title of this and your eyes have accidentally but simultaneously very purposefully moved down to read this, I know what you’re thinking: oh God, not another mindless makeup fanatic obsessing over £60 highlight and swearing that she couldn’t live without her entire collection of MAC lipsticks or her favourite foundation in at least two shades, for emergencies.

I’m not that blogger, you’ll be glad to know. However, every girl has at least a few ride or die go-to necessity products, for example those mascaras that stay glued to your purse, and those concealers that somehow find themselves in every single blog post you do about your makeup collection or monthly favourites. You know what I’m talking about? The little things that you just need, because your life would be a fraction less complete without it.

#1 Maybelline Concealer

I’d been trialing around seven different concealers before I met this one, and honestly the shade I bought is so perfect for my skin tone it felt like a blessing. I use it without fail every day, whether just for a quick touch-up of a red patch or spot or those pesky undereye circles that won’t go away no matter how many eye masks you apply the night before.

#2 Babylips

I know most bloggers would be listing their tinted lip balms from high end makeup brands but honestly, I haven’t found a better product than this one if I want to look presentable and also feel like my lips aren’t being ripped apart in winter. I keep it in my coat pocket and don’t travel anywhere without it, so it had to be added to the list.

#3 No7 Mascara

Mascara is one of those things that needs to be everywhere: your makeup bag, your handbag, your bedroom. For emergencies. Waterproof mascara, clear mascara, normal mascara, the like. But this one is actually travel sized and honestly the cutest thing! It’s super handy for any travelling as well as fitting into small pockets on trips out, so I don’t need to be that friend carrying a large suitcase full of makeup (you’d be lying if you said you didn’t know someone like that). This one is also easy to apply and doesn’t have the tendency to clump; definitely worth the price! I have my eyes on this in a larger version at Boots and am waiting for tomorrow as it is the last day of the sales here.

#4 Collection Brow Kit

Although I did recently upgrade to the HD Brow Palette by Revolution which also includes a brow highlight (the main reason it has become my favourite) this is a basic yet very useful product, with three shades, eyebrow shaping gel (or, as I like to call it, eyebrow mascara) and a brush. Obviously, brows are an important part of my daily makeup ritual so including this was a given.

#5 Simple Eye Makeup Remover Pads

These are so useful! Smaller than the facial wipes and also less irritating to my skin, they’re forever saving those once in a while situations where you’ve just got into bed and remember you still ya e your makeup on! I religiously keep these stocked by my bed for that reason solely and honestly, they’re the most helpful thing and take all makeup off within seconds.

#6 The Body Shop Camomile Eye Makeup Remover

Very similar to the Simple pads above but also different; this is my definite go-to after a mascara tragedy or an eyebrow failure. I use this on cotton buds which are then used to remove the makeup and it is equally as useful as the Simple pads but helpful in another form, as this cream allows me to correct and perfect my makeup without letting a small error ruin the whole look. I’m also in love with the current Body Shop packaging and think this is super cute yet also minimalistic and goes with the random collection of foundations and eyeshadows I keep by it.

#7 Rimmel Kate Moss Highlight, Contour and Blush Palette

This is great as it has three products crammed into one colourful and very handy palette; I use this next to every day and my favourite is the highlight as it gives an obvious yet still subtle glow that looks amazing in direct sunlight! To be honest, if I could only use one highlight for the rest of my life I would choose this one as it looks good on any part of the face and shows up well without looking, well, obvious. The contour is also useful, if quite a bit lighter than I’m used to for contour, and definitely plays a part in my going out makeup, but because I don’t wear blusher, I’d prefer the product as just the highlight and contour; however, it still always manages to sneak into my bag or suitcase for any trip away!

#8 Soap & Glory Original Pink Body Spray

I know I seem slightly addicted to Soap & Glory which is fair enough, but this product really is worth the hype. It and the other scents (Smoothie Star and Sugar Crush) are so perfectly sized for school, makeup bags and handbags, so I’ve slipped one into pretty much every single bag I own. This is my favourite as the scent is super sweet and very me; definitely a recommended product if you’re looking for a body spray!

#9 Simple Light Moisturiser

I actually have two and keep one in my bathroom and another by my bed for late night and early morning essential moisturising. It’s super useful and doesn’t make you feel like your face has been clogged up with moisture (after sampling the heavier option, I opted for this) and still allows you to feel super fresh and ready for the day. It also means my combination skin is a little less dry, which is good. Further, being a Simple product means it doesn’t irritate my skin and I can use it without having to worry, which is definitely a bonus! I honestly don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t own this, and I understand why.

#10 Revolution 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

Although it may seem a little extravagant adding a huge palette to this shortlist, it really is an essential! The colours range from very pale beiges to darker browns, greys, golds and pinks, all of which can be used with complimenting makeup, and I definitely take this everywhere with me! I feel like it will compliment almost any makeup look and the holographic design makes it all the more desirable.

#11 Aussie Detangler Spray

Oh my gosh, this is my latest obsession! Everything Aussie have released smells gorgeous but I think this one is a tad lighter and the touch it gives my hair is exactly what it needs after a night’s sleep or a shower. It is also great value as it lasts for months, looks adorable and does its job without requiring half the container. Got a good one!

What are your beauty essentials? Comment below!

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