25 Facts About Me

This is a tag/challenge that is definitely making its way around YouTube and now the blogging community, so I thought I’d join in! Enjoy finding out 25 completely random facts about me. Comment one thing about you below and let’s start a chain!

  1. At school, the subjects I enjoy most and want to pursue in the future are English, history and geography.
  2. I would love to travel to Fiji and Greece as well as New Zealand, Italy and Denmark but I haven’t been on a place since I was two years old.
  3. I write a lot in my spare time and have won poetry competitions, including the Barnet Arts Competition.
  4. My favourite colours are rose gold, hot pink and ocean blue but when people ask me my favourite colour I always answer differently because I can never make my mind up.
  5. I have been vegetarian for almost two years and am the only one in my family like this. I don’t eat meat because I think it is morally and ethically wrong, and also unhealthy.
  6. One of my favourite things to do is gymnastics and I love it so much. I’m also very flexible and stretch everyday; I can do middle and right leg splits.
  7. My room is always messy but I can’t stand having unorganised schoolbooks or notebooks.
  8. My go-to fashion statements are black skinny jeans, grey cropped shirts and wearing too many rings. I also wish I had my ears pierced because I think hoop earrings are gorgeous!
  9. If I could go anywhere right now, I’d either be in Paris or a place in Spain we visit every year, on a beach called Aiguablava.
  10. My celebrity crushes are Nick Jonas, Tom Daley, Theo James and Nile Wilson.
  11. My dream date would be to a theme park and then to the beach to watch the sunset (in a perfect world, we would kiss on the beach just as the sun goes down).
  12. One thing I can’t get enough of is green tea and also pitta bread with houmous.
  13. If I could go to any restaurant, I’d either choose an Italian or your generic tumblr teashop that sell vegetarian things and smoothies in mason jars.
  14. I love the heat and much prefer summer to winter. Having said that, my favourite holiday is Christmas because of all the festivities, the long holiday and the food.
  15. One of the things on my bucketlist is to visit 5 theme parks in a week; I love rollercoasters and going to Thorpe Park with my boyfriend last year was probably my favourite thing ever. Sadly, the rest of my family hate rides so I either go by myself or with a friend.
  16. Another thing on my bucket list is to travel to different capital cities around Europe on a holiday with friends, because I love city vibes and travelling Europe would be amazing.
  17. Music is my escape and I listen to it almost constantly; during practice, on the bus, whilst doing revision or homework, whilst writing my blog posts and before bed. My favourite songs are mostly throwback songs and my Spotify is crammed full of Nick Jonas’s hits, as well as every single one of One Direction’s albums and singles.
  18. My worst habit is either biting my nails or shaking my leg if I’m bored or stressed.
  19. If I had £1,000,000 in cash, I would donate some to charity, save some for a house and university and spend the rest solely on clothes and makeup, as well as a holiday to Greece. However, I would hate to suddenly have so much money because I would worry about spending it on the wrong thing, so if I did win that much, I’d probably be very stressed.
  20. I think I’m quite a creative person but I dislike all creative subjects at school. My creativity tends to be in the form of writing rather than dance or drama.
  21. My first ever memory is me in the pram with my set of undersea creature finger puppets, going into town with my mum. We had jelly snakes and it was really hot for that time of year, and I think it’s a pretty perfect first memory.
  22. My go to Netflix shows are Jane the Virgin and Outnumbered.
  23. I’m not a big film person and don’t like going to the cinema, but my favourite films are Before I Fall, Paper Towns and La La Land, even though all three make me cry.
  24. My idol is Simone Biles.
  25. Blogging has brought me so much positivity and happiness and that is all down to YOU! A massive thank you to everyone reading this right now, I am so grateful for you and all those loyal readers who return every week. Love you 🙂

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