My Skincare Obsession: Botanicals Review

Botanicals is a fast-growing brand specialising in skincare and bath, body and hand care products. After stumbling across Botanicals on a friend’s Instagram, I quickly became obsessed by their ethics and huge range of beauty products, all of which are stunningly packaged and cleverly named. I was particularly drawn to the skincare range, not only because of the sparkling reviews from other bloggers across the globe but also because my own skincare routine was lacking a little. After realising my go-to skincare brand, Simple, tests products on animals, I knew I needed a new brand. I have to say that Botanicals completely fits the job, and I am going to order bigger sizes of the products I have tried.

I started off with two face masks. The Balancing Detox and Revitalising Face Mask come in adorable pots with the brand’s logo in pink and peach. When you open a pot, there is a gorgeous smell of rose, which is super-refreshing. The pots are great value at only £2.95. They contain enough product for around 3–6 uses, allowing you to decide if you’d like to purchase a bigger pot (which was an immediate yes from me). I think most other Botanicals products are also great value. Considering that some organic skincare brands charge half your bank account, Botanicals offers great alternatives. You only need to use a small amount: I have used each pot twice and there’s plenty left. The mask felt lovely when applied, and left my skin feeling gorgeous.

I also love the Rose Hand & Body Wash as rose is one of my favourite scents and the reviews of Botanicals’ ‘famously good’ body washes are fantastic. Plus, you can never have too many bath products, right? The bath range is also organic so ideal for anyone with sensitive skin or eczema, as well as continuing the brand’s cruelty free and vegan ethics.

Finally, if you’re worrying about sensitive or dry skin issues, don’t. My skin is incredibly sensitive and almost always reacts to new products, even those designed for sensitive skin, so using a new brand is always a little risky. However, neither product caused any problems for me, and my skin was super-soft after using Botanicals products, especially the Revitalising mask, which gave my skin the hydration boost it needed and left me feeling – and looking – gorgeous all day. Botanicals has products for different skin types, so they will have something to suit you and your skin.



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