Blogging Q&A

This post is going to feature YOU; everyone who has seen my recent stories on Instagram will know I asked for people to drop some questions or queries about blogging, social media or photography, and these are the questions I received.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I was going through quite a difficult time and I was definitely struggling a lot with anxiety. In the past, I had blogs that lasted for a couple of months and just started to fizzle out, and I love the idea of creating and then sharing content, so blogging was always something I planned to do again. I made the impulse decision after a panic attack, and as it was close to the Christmas holidays I could start writing almost immediately.

When did you start blogging?

This blog was started on December 18th, 2017; I started my Instagram account on that same day. I only actually finished the initial design of my blog, including the theme and header image, by February, as well as uploading the sufficient amount of posts, so it’s been around for a couple of months.

What camera do you use to take your photos and do you have a purpose for your photos in mind when you take them?

I use the and my phone to take pictures, and they are mostly pictures I take with a blog post or Instagram story already thought up; however, if I’m travelling and find something such as aesthetic beach huts, I’ll take the photos then and use them for things later. I also use throwback photos from previous holidays in the blog, but I always edit them to suit the post.

How do you get people to read your content?

By sharing it! You need to get out there and put it in front of as many people as possible. I did this by sharing links to my posts with Pinterest, especially group boards, where I got most of my traffic from. Instagram and Tumblr were other social media sites I used to promote my content. There are hundreds of guides out there telling you how to properly share what you write, but I stick by Pinterest as being the best way to boost your traffic. That being said, I am working on a Course Craft freebie for subscribers which is designed to help bloggers start out, and also promote my own blog. There are honestly so many things you can do.

If I’m just starting out as a blogger and no one reads my posts, what do I do?

I struggled with this for a while, but my advice is to be yourself, publish high-quality content regularly, and to share it with people who will want to read it; once you have finished creating content, your site is designed properly and everything works, use the 80:20 rule and focus on promotion. I am currently in this stage which means posting less but focusing on having your content seen by more people and just trying to grow your blog. Don’t promote your blog if it only has one post because it isn’t ready for it! Start sharing when you are really proud of your site.

What inspires you to write?

This is a difficult question because a lot of things inspire me in different ways! For example, I am definitely the type of person to be motivated by another person’s success, so seeing others achieve is a contribution to my inspiration quite often. Also, I am inspired to write when I am happy because writing is something I genuinely love and enjoy. I think another thing that inspires me to continue blogging is when someone notices my blog, or a friend or family member will text me and say they read a post and enjoyed it, or I get a certain amount of followers on social media or a meaningful comment or a lot of pageviews. It depends, really.

Who is your blogging inspiration?

Zoella was the first blogger I really read, and whenever she uploaded I would always be there, reading. That stage ended quickly and I started reading that of Freddy My Love, Niomi Smart and other lifestyle and beauty blogs, all written by people I had heard of. I think I was about eleven when I started branching out and finding other blogs, some of which focused on mental health as anxiety has been a problem for an ongoing period of time. To answer the question, there wasn’t and still isn’t one person who really sticks out, but I am inspired by the idea of having a blog.

Do you read other people’s blogs?

Yes! I seriously love reading what other people have to say. My nightly routine consists with wind-down time of reading, and some of that is definitely other blogs. My favourite thing about reading what other people have to say is hearing their own point of view on different things, as well as getting advice on everything from anxiety to cruelty free makeup. It’s so flexible and everyone can be different. A few of my current favourites are Taiya Maddison and Absolutely Olivia.

How do you juggle school and blogging?

It gets tiring sometimes but the biggest challenge is juggling homework and blogging! I don’t manage to set aside a lot of time on my blog during the school week as I get a lot of homework, which means I have to compensate at the weekend. However, blogging isn’t a chore so I don’t feel bored or tired of it, and if anything I wish I had a little extra time to devote. I think if you love it enough and if you are productive and dedicated that juggling work or school is manageable, and the positives will cancel out the negatives.

What is your favourite social media site for your blog?

Instagram (confidenceandkisses) I think, because I can talk to loads of other bloggers and focus on photography, which is an aspect of blogging I’ve always been a little scared of. It also is the best way to get inspiration from other bloggers and I’m literally following around 2000 people because I’m so in love with their feeds!

How do you edit photos?

I use Snapseed and Lightroom the most as they are the best affordable editing apps and will work on my iPhone, where 90% of the editing is done. I use the Snapseed Pop effect for a certain colour and also fiddle around with the lighting, contrast, saturation, focus and highlight! It’s actually really fun and I like how Snapseed can transform a mediocre picture into a stunning shot; if you have a blog that is the first app I would recommend for any editing you want to do. If I have any further editing to do, I’ll use Lightroom, but that is mainly for editing one-off photos for profile pictures, blog graphics and banners.

Where do you get blog post ideas from?

I have a huge planner/notebook that I use to note down blog post ideas and any other blogging related things, but that is definitely not the only source! I mainly think up ideas myself (especially mental health posts as they are really personal) but for beauty and style, Pinterest helps with inspiration. I have a board dedicated to blog post ideas and inspiration here. I also love looking at what other people write but I won’t deliberately steal ideas, and many ideas are generic anyway. I like having a balance between very commonly written posts as well as individual ideas that I have thought up.

What’s my favourite thing about blogging?

Definitely working on new things, towards goals and with other people! I am a motivated and productive person (most of the time) and having things to work towards makes me so happy! I think having a blog has improved my concentration and also made me more organised and productive, as well as less anxious. I think another huge advantage of blogging that may be a little more personal than other reasons is that writing about mental health helps me fight my own battles, concentrate on other people and help myself.

What’s my favourite blog post and why?

I think any that talk about mental health because they promote other people speaking out and standing up to mental illness and stigma against it, as well as helping themselves and others raise awareness. Writing about it also helps me relax and works as a form of self therapy. They are also my favourite type of post to write because they are all based on making myself and others happier, and can talk about serious issues without spending time on research and photography as well – it’s like writing a diary that I can use to help others, which is amazing.

How do you write original content?

I think coming up with content is easy, as long as you love what you’re writing about. Personally, my best content is anything on mental health or lifestyle because it is something I have written before, and I find it very easy to relate and write about it. However, blogger’s block is a problem and that makes coming up with original content to write super difficult! I would say the best way to get around this is to have a playlist that you can listen to while writing and keep that only for writing – also, if you feel uninspired, I like to check out a few blogs and see how they write! This helps me to focus on what I want to develop my blog in to.

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