How To Stay Organised

Being and staying organised is so great, right? Especially if you’re in school or work and needing to remember an unnecessarily large amount of things, revise and turn work in before the deadline. Here are my life saving tips for staying more on top of things and never forgetting a date.

  • Set goals. Having clear ambitions for a certain month, period of time or day will make you more focused and give you motivation to complete the target.
  • Use colour codes to sort different categories and subjects.
  • Stick to one planner/diary instead of having everything you need in seventeen notebooks spread across your house. It will help with organisation because everything is in place, but if you find it crammed full, use page separators to divide up subtopics or different areas of your life.
  • Make a list of everything you will need for a certain event such as a holiday and then cross each item off the list when you are preparing for the event. This is SO useful as it means little things like portable chargers and your moisturiser don’t get left behind.
  • Create a space to put any junk that gets left on your desk so that when you need to do homework or find anything, you have easy access! You can also save time (and spend money) on a desk with built-in compartments as this allows you to organise and tidy all your stuff.
  • Prepare for the day the night before to save time and stress the following morning.
  • Need to remember something? Tape a small notepad or use Post-It notes by your bed or desk so you can note little reminders down quickly.
  • Keep a weekly planner taped to your desk or on your wall – I use a blogging calendar as well as a social media planner and they definitely help me stay nice and organised, as well as feeling very professional.
  • Use reminders on your phone if you need to do something at a certain time, or record yourself saying something and set it as an alarm at whatever time you desire.
  • Write everything down! Don’t attempt to remember everything you hear, instead take a notebook or planner and write details of things you’ll need. You can then transfer notes into a bigger planner; I do this at school instead of taking in a huge notebook every day.
  • If you have homework or other similar assignments, write down an order in which you need to complete them. For example, start with ones that have shorter deadlines to prevent last-minute cramming.
  • Start work straight away instead of procrastinating. This allows you to concentrate, complete tasks faster, work for longer periods of time and avoid any tiredness that staying up later causes. It also means you feel super organised and productive later in the evening, when everything has been completed.


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