Blog Post Ideas For Lifestyle Bloggers

This roundup of post ideas are guaranteed to brighten up your blog a little and give you inspiration to write about something new. These post ideas work for lifestyle bloggers, as well as food, beauty and fashion bloggers as well, so have a peek if you’re in need of some inspiration. Feel free to use, magpie and moderate any of these ideas for your blog as they aren’t, of course, all my ideas, but will definitely set you in the right direction.

1. Morning/evening routine

2. A favourite recipe

3. Useful tutorial

4. Q&A, answering FAQs

5. Pictures from a recent trip, holiday or day out

6. Tips on an issue such as mental health, gender equality or racial equality

7. A personal experience

8. Advice on an issue, maybe one that is topical

9. Beauty essentials

10. Workout routines

11. Holiday vs school/work routine

12. Book or film review

13. Day in the life, be me for the day post

14. Share expertise on a topic you know a lot about and help your followers with something

15. Roundup of a list of blogs you read

16. Roundup of inspiring blog posts

17. Share positive quotes

18. Talk about a scary or life-changing experience

19. Share something that your followers might not know about you

20. Desk tour/ room tour

21. Life hacks, study tips, etc

22. Roundup of good advice you have been given over the years

23. Your proudest moments and regrets

24. Write about your bucket list and ambitions for forthcoming years

25. A roundup of your favourite things, such as beauty products, candles or books

26. Raise awareness for an issue close to your heart, for example gender equality, mental health or a specific illness

27. Talk about your favourite outfit, beauty product or recent event

28. Interview another blogger or well-known person

29. Your views on a certain craze, such as bullet journaling or a fashion/beauty trend

30. What’s in your handbag/suitcase/school bag

31. A quick and easy recipe, or a roundup of several simple starters or snacks (wow, that’s a lot of s’s)

32. Life hacks

33. Post something on a completely new topic but try to relate it to your niche; for example, if you blog about lifestyle, try your hand at writing about a recent holiday or getaway and include some gorgeous photos

34. Give your bloggers a useful tutorial or guide on something very specific that you may have extra knowledge on

35. Take a trip down memory lane and discuss childhood memories

36. Steal my style posts, for all seasons or occasions

37. Take some time to rave over a new buy, such as that jacket you’re loving or those gorgeous jeans you found on sale

38. Collaborate with another blogger to create a roundup of your knowledge and experience – you could even create a big Q&A with the two of you or share some blogging tips to share with your readers

39. Write about feminism

40. Collect some cute photos and make an online scrapbook

41. Work with a brand that sells things you would easily be able to feature on your blog and then write a brand review or detailed product review; including coupon codes or vouchers that allow the reader a discount work particularly well

42. Create a playlist for school, study, holiday or travelling and share it

43. Spend some time on creating a long blog post and then convert it to mini-lessons on a course. Not only is it different, it’s also something that can earn you some profit and guide you in monetising your blog plus allowing your readers to build trust and a relationship with you as you are giving them good content

44. Have fun with a friend and have a photoshoot somewhere, then write about your day and your outfits, makeup etc

45. Collect some of your favourite (preferably inexpensive) makeup products and write reviews on them and then host a giveaway, not only giving you exposure when people share your giveaway but also giving you more readers as they will want to enter, thus clicking the link. Hosting giveaways is sometimes expensive, but often the long-term benefits will outweigh a short cost.

Hopefully these post ideas are useful for you! Please comment any other ideas you have, or if you’ve tried any of these because I’d love to read them.


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