My Skincare Obsession: My Routine

If you follow my Instagram or are a frequent reader of my blog, you’ll know I’m a sucker for some good skincare. That is very true and my bathroom cupboards are full to bursting with travel sized exfoliators, face masks, a whole Simple range, cleansers aand moisturisers galore and, more recently, some new stuff from a few other brands I found online. After being your average girl and using mainly global brands (90% Simple really and then some odd bits from Botanics and Garnier) I decided to really branch out and start looking for skincare that matched my ethics and was clean and vegan. Nourish and Botanicals were immediately appealing and the products I received were gorgeous; the perfect addition to my skincare routines, which you can read about here. As well as talking about what I put on my face daily, I’ve given mini reviews for each product in each section to give you a clear guide to any new bits or bobs you’re after.



I am not a morning person and have limited amount of skincare time in the forty minutes I indulge in between waking up and getting out of the door, so my morning routine is relatively Simple (haha) compared to that I do in the evening. Getting up is difficult and by the time I’ve got into the bathroom I’m probably still half asleep; I’ll wash my face with cold water to remove any dirt or sleep and then do a quick cleanse using the Botanics All Bright Cleansing Cream, which usually does the job pretty well and I think it really does add some brightness. I started buying this years ago and have used it loyally since and it is almost untradeable in my opinion; the consistency, the smell, the packaging and the effectiveness are all perfect.

After that, I’ll wash my face again and then apply a little of the Simple Protecting Light Moisturiser in their Kind To Skin range which I love and definitely take advantage of. The fact that this moisturiser is gentle, light, doesn’t clog up your pores and also protects against the sun makes it a winner for me and it is another product I use daily without fail.


I usually start with removing my makeup with the Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water for sensitive skin and use either a cleansing sponge I bought from The Body Shop or simply a cotton pad and then make sure everything I’ve applied prior is gone. This one is ideal as the bottle is huge and usually lasts for around six months, as well as being non-irritable and kind to my skin (although there are plenty of other products in Garnier’s Micellar Water range if you don’t have sensitive skin). It’s also effective and removes my makeup without any vigorous scrubbing. After a quick rinse with cold water, I’ll then use the Witch Exfoliating Scrub to exfoliate and wash my skin. This is definitely my favourite skincare buy EVER because I am so impressed with how the Witch Hazel has cleared my skin and continues to do so; any spots or imperfections are immensely helped with the product and I think it’s part of the reason my face is pretty clear. There are so many other bloggers raving about this product and it is definitely worth it.


I’m currently raving over the Nourish 3D Cleanser as its special features are insane; not only is it 3D, it also changes colour from a silver to pale green on application, which is different from all other cleansers I’ve seen before. Nourish is one of my go-to Skincare brands as it is vegan, cruelty free and organic, as well as having a huge range of products specifically designed for each skin type. This is the third product in my evening routine and after considering it and the Simple alternative, I chose this one as their ethics are better and honestly, I prefer this product. The effects it delivers are great and my skin is looking so hydrated even after a few weeks of use.

The Nutrient Wise Vitamin C Serum is the newest addition to my routine and replaces another layer of the Simple moisturiser mentioned earlier. The serum not only contains vitamin C but also a hundred and one other ingredients (all natural) that protect against ageing and can also serve as a primer. This product is perfect and after using it for around a week I can see visible difference in my skin and am obsessed – it’s a necessity for your routine.

Face Masks

I am obsessed with face masks recently and discovered a love for clay masks in particular. For Christmas I received the L’Oreal Mask Play Kit and was a little reluctant to try it because my skin can often have nasty reactions to masks, especially cheaper ones. However, the natural products promise attracted me and after the first usage, I had no rash but my skin looked much clearer and also colour corrected, which is something I had been aspiring for. Out of the three masks the kit contains, I prefer the black and the green one as they seem to work more efficiently and look pretty cool when they’re applied.

Branching out a little, I discovered Botanicals which are a smaller British skincare brand, also specialising in vegan, organic and cruelty free products. The two masks I tried originally were the Balancing Detox and the Revitalising Mask and both smelt amazing and did the job without the whole product being used. If you’re into clean beauty, this brand should be a starting point for you!

Anyway, my face mask routine isn’t as polished as my everyday ones; I usually apply a face mask around about weekly but sometimes I simply forget or am running low on money and just can’t be bothered. My go to masks are now the minis from Botanicals and the Cup O’ Coffee Mask by Lush (which is more of a treat but it’s a favourite), who are also vegan friendly and don’t test on animals. The strong smell that comes with that mask is ideal for a morning routine as it wakes you up and hydrates your skin so nicely it would be a shame not to show it off. After a mask I will always continue my normal routine so as not to break the habit and to make sure my skin won’t react. This includes moisturising in the evening.


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