Workout Accessories You Need

No, maybe going to the gym in £50 leggings and some gorgeous headphones isn’t your thing, but I love to style even my most casual of outfits with the necessary accessories. And yes, accessories are completely necessary when burning calories; it’s a fact of life. Working out can be made a little more fun with the right equipment, and even splashing out on a water bottle can make a big difference in the long run.

#1: Flexi Trainers

For those interested in increasing flexibility, developing their stretches, working out different muscles and improving their ability in sports that require flexibility, these are a must. I received five, all with different strengths and uses, last Christmas and they have been the most useful tool to become more flexible. I not only use them to stretch most days but can also practise mandatory skills such as bow and arrows, scorpions and the splits with the bands as they can be attached to almost any area of the body. If you’re looking to purchase some, sites such as Amazon have a huge range. They are also a great place to look for any specific sports equipment as you can often buy expensive, high quality goods for a quarter of the sale price in a shop; for example, gymnastics mats, yoga mats, bosu balls and the like have huge reduction prices.

#2: Water Bottle

Water bottles are an essential addition to your running routine as staying hydrated and healthy whilst exercising means you maintain good health as well as allowing you to run further, especially in summer. You can also take it to the gym and save your calories by choosing water over a sports drink, as well as cutting down on the sugar.

#3: Muscle Soak

I know that  a good old bath with a muscle soak or relaxing bath salts are just what I need after gymnastics, and the Radox LINK never disappoints. Having a bath soak in the cupboards in case of dire emergency (aka muscle soreness) is always a good idea and can help alleviate any proper muscle pain (DOMS: Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) quickly.

#4: Socks

My personal favourite is the Adidas 3 Pairs which allow you to workout and not get too sweaty; the colour assortment are also great for wearing with different shoes or outfits if you’re into looking good whilst you exercise, and they’re also the minimal size, meaning less stick. I wear these whenever I go to the gym as they have good grip for tumbling and sticking skills but aren’t too hot or stuffy, another good feature. Having said that, just like any sports equipment, there are around 3 million different brands selling socks of every colour and size. Alternative brands such as Puma and Nike offer very similar socks, so its up to you.

#5: Suitable Snacks

Snacks and healthy food are an essential to being fit and staying healthy, so they must be thought about. My personal favourite snacks are Graze boxes, as the subscription box offers amazing healthy snacks with lots of flavour. There are hundreds of subscription boxes offering amazing, high quality and yummy food, and honestly I would try every one if I could. Below is a list of 5 healthy snacks/fitness food subscription boxes worth dying for:

#6: Gym Bag

If you don’t have a gym bag to carry your equipment in, what is the point of buying any equipment? I bought the Nike Duffel Bag for carrying sportswear for school and also for going to the gym and the size is almost perfect, meaning you can transport your snacks, water bottle, change of clothes and any other equipment with room to spare. It’s also attractive and adds a little splash of colour to the outfit, which I like! It also comes in more masculine colours if you fancy a subtle carry-on.


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