5 Cruelty Free Beauty Subscription Boxes To Die For

Subscription boxes have taken the world by storm, beautifully packaged in boxes with bows and string. There are hundreds to choose from across dozens of categories; fitness and sport, fashion, lifestyle, beauty, food, nutrition, you name it. However, beauty subscription boxes are the ones to take my fancy, as each promise an individual selection of beauty products you may never even have heard of before. If you’re like me and only interested in buying boxes that sell ethically sourced products, it can be a little disheartening reading about a brilliant new box, only to find its contents to be brands that do test on animals. But with the market forever changing and more and more beauty bloggers changing their ways and ditching Maybelline and the like, vegan and cruelty free beauty is slowly starting to appear more often. These are 5 subscription boxes that will send out your cosmetics, skincare and hair care on a monthly basis – all without harming any bunnies. I’ll be rating each box on my own scale of 1-10 for three factors, Products (does the box contain a good range of brands and products), Price (how well priced are the boxes, is it good value compared to similar offers) and Packaging (do your products come in gorgeous packaging with a bow and a greeting card?). How great does that sound?

5 Beauty Subscription Boxes

#1: Benevolent Beauty

I LOVE Benevolent boxes as they are all about beautiful yet simplistic design and are very open about sharing their opinions on animal testing. As a company, every single product in their subscription boxes are cruelty free and they definitely don’t include products by any brands that are owned by companies that allow testing, either. Each box contains up to 7 gorgeous full-sized beauty products, with the focus on cosmetics and also skincare and hair care. With other options available, you can either choose to have a handcrafted box sent through the post or choose a package online; the Girls Night Out box has a selection of cruelty free makeup and looks amazing!

cruelty free box 7

Products: A good range, some products in previous boxes include Nomad Cosmetics, Bellapierre and Evelyn Iona products, and each box includes both cosmetics and bath/skincare/hair. 9.8/10

Price: $29.95 for what I think is the most advanced box on this shortlist is not bad. And yes, its still the perfect gift for that special girl in your life. 9.5/10

Packaging: Very feminine and stylish, and it matches the brand in terms of design and ethics. 9.9/10

#2: Vegan Cuts

This is another ideal brand for those who either eat vegan or are looking to become one; Vegan Cuts offers inexpensive yet perfect subscription boxes of 5 or more products, all full sized or deluxe testers, for you to try out each month. They also use a lot of organic brands, especially cosmetics and skincare, to ensure your skin is perfectly pampered.

Vegan Cuts Image Beauty Subscription Box

Products: Definitely a large variety of products, and Vegan Cuts specialises in choosing the most luxurious skincare and cosmetics around. 9.8/10

Price: $22.95 is cheaper than other options and still offers enough beauty to get you through the month, so you can’t really say fairer than that. 9.5/10

Packaging: Pretty basic, but you don’t pay for packaging alone. 9/10

#3: Cruelty Free Beauty

This is my favourite because honestly each product is just so gorgeous; even the website looks visually appealing! All their products are vegan and cruelty free and you can even tailor the box to your individual preference by choosing the types of makeup and skincare you like, and selecting either the Makeup Box or the Beauty Box, which contain either 100% cosmetics or a variety of makeup, bath and skincare.

cruelty free box

Products: As you can see, the products are all gorgeously selected; however, some have complained their boxes contain little variety, but I agree to disagree on this one! 9.5/10

Price: £19.95 for the makeup box is so reasonable that no one can argue. 9.9/10

Packaging: Cute yet a little plain – the logo is adorable though! 9.2/10

#4: Pure Natural

I like that this subscription box doesn’t only offer beauty, but it also offers a little wellbeing and health in the box! This gives it a very homely edge and I love that the brands featured in each box aren’t necessarily huge ones, but each product is still selected carefully and of a good quality.

cruelty free box 3cruelty free box 4

Products: Just like the other boxes above, a range of products is chosen for each box, including some favourites by Native Unearthed, Evolve Beauty and Avril Organic. 9.4/10

Price: £25 is a little more than other brands but I reckon the value is still good, as each product is full size and often high end or boutique. 9.4/10

Packaging: Simplistic yet highlights the aims of the brand, and is immediately distinguishable in the post. 9.6/10

#5: Full of Kindness

Full of Kindness not only allows you to receive a gorgeously packaged parcel of perfect products (wow, that’s a tongue twister!) it also gives you good variety and the products are often larger sizes than other comparable boxes, meaning you might get more for your money. Again, each selected item is great value and of very high quality, just like Full of Kindness promises.

cruelty free box 1cruelty free box 2

Products: A good variety, often very expensive or luxury products, as well as being products that will last for a while. 9.7/10

Price: The cheapest box at only £15.99, and amazing value. Honestly, I think this price is too low for the value and quality as well as the size of its contents, but each to their own. 9.8/10

Packaging: Yes, this box design is a little boring, but hopefully what comes inside will cheer you up! 9/10


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