Steal My Style: The Perfect Spring Accessories

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your look and add a few nice colourful accessories to the wardrobe. As someone who’s obsessed with fashion, accessories are one of the best bits and every new season brings its own style, colour and trend. These five accessories are guaranteed to get you noticed as super stylish throughout the warmer months and also make you feel great. They’re also the perfect gift for anyone born in the warmer months, so take note…


After finding JORD Wooden Watches on a friend’s Instagram I became a little obsessed and actually bought my dad one; the Frankie Ebony & Gold which he received as a gift (said to be the perfect present and he is very pleased with it, especially when people compliment him) looks so smart and is perfect for Spring as the dark colours contrast with the gold and create a dazzling timepiece that goes with any outfit. Even the packaging the watch came in was gorgeous and I am so impressed by the company’s huge selection of products, with different designs and colour schemes for either gender as well as dozens of watch ranges and styles. Having said that, my favourite series available in the Men’s Watches is the Frankie series due to their timeless (haha) elegance and classic style, as well as the futuristic and stylish Hyde series.

Of course, the company wouldn’t have made this shortlist if they didn’t have the same range for Women’s Watches; I’m crushing on the Fieldcrest Maple as the colour is stylishly feminine with the perfect look for Spring, and it is definitely on my wishlist! The Walnut & Vintage Rose which is also the cutest colour scheme whilst looking simplistic and expensive. JORD has really amazed me by its friendly team, gorgeous pieces and the ability to order hundreds of designs that are catered to your individual taste by choosing sizes, engravings and colour variations of many of the designs… impressive, right? Even further, they are all inexpensive, meaning their wooden watches serves as a great gift idea without breaking the bank.

I recently worked with JORD to give you lucky readers the chance of winning a  Giveaway – you can be entered into a prize draw and come out with a huge $100 towards any JORD watch you fancy, as well as 10% off even if you don’t win. Use that link to enter (and remember to follow them on Instagram for a special increased chance of winning!)


You can style the watches in any way you like; they not only look gorgeously girly but also smart and masculine!


As seen styled by Kate Bartlett.


The packaging looks professional and high quality, like the watch itself!


Accessorize is one of my favourite places ever and I’m obsessed with around 90% of the jewellery they stock, but mainly their huge collection of rings. Last year I bought a pack of five silver and gold rings, each with a little detail such as a clear crystal or pink stones (don’t worry, better than they sound) and I’ve worn at least one every day since then. Rings are definitely my favourite item of jewellery because they’re easy to style, can be changed to compliment whatever you’re wearing, and are simply gorgeous. Although Accessorize’s range is much more affordable, Pandora is another brand I love and my best friends bought me a silver ring with a heart outline a few years back for my birthday and it is almost always on my finger; depending on your budget, Pandora will host a good splurge session!


Adidas clothes make up a fair part of my wardrobe and their high-quality products are a real fashion staple now, even with supermodels. After receiving the navy Adidas backpack for Christmas after my old school bag gave up (fell apart) I became obsessed and the backpack was taken everywhere with me. London, school trips, sleepovers, shopping… Literally everywhere. Although navy could be categorized as more of a winter colour, I think it suits my Spring wardrobe perfectly and is also much bigger than a lot of other bags, making it ideal for day trips and staying overnight.

However, although Adidas is a very popular brand and I’d recommend the backpack to anyone needing a school bag or just a bag for holidays or night trips, there are a hundred and one other gorgeous bags out there. Kånken is another global brand specialising in adorable backpacks, and in any city you go to I guarantee these beaut bags will dot the crowds. My favourite shades are Warm Yellow and Peach Pink as they’re both bright and suit Spring’s array of colourful and pastel shades. If you’re looking for a less expensive option, Hype offers a massive selection of colourful and minimal bags, each one individually suited to a different season, and they are ideal for schoolbags.


Fake nails are 100% worth the hassle of selecting the exact fit, going through the process of glueing each nail to the corresponding finger, almost shredding your skin by accidental glue spillage, and having to be very careful with anything from cooking to makeup appliance for the next week. They’re stunning, elegant and look great with anything, plus you don’t have to keep your real nails in tip-top condition for them to look good or splurge on a mani. Elegant Touch is definitely my favourite brand for falsies and the colour I’ve recently been obsessed with is the Elegant Touch Polished Nude as they’re stylish yet minimalist and allow for many compliments.


Yes, Spring is only a few weeks away (yes, it is Spring already, but we are currently buried under a few inches of snow so I have moved on the arrival to April) and sandals are now being stocked in shops EVERYWHERE. I’m a sucker for pretty sandals but every year I have the same problem, as my feet are ridiculously hard to fit and often, the only shoes that do fit are ugly and brown and flat. However, last year New Look proved excellent and I bought gorgeous white heeled sandals, which were not only stunning and very comfortable, but also complimented most of my summer wardrobe and went with shorts, jeans and trousers. I also love Roman sandals and they had closed toe shoes in that style in black, which I wasn’t sure about at first but ended up falling in love. Both lasted for a good four months through the warmer months and will hopefully do the same this year. If you’re not into New Look, Office also does the most stunning shoes in all colours and styles, so they’re a great option for any type of shoe shopping. I particularly like their range of brown sandals as brown is the perfect shade for Summer, very minimalist and also super stylish.
Luxury Wooden Watch


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