My Skincare Obsession: The Hydration Mask To End All Dry Skin

I won’t lie; b.liv wasn’t a brand I had heard of before I read up on companies specialising in sheet masks following a short but very sweet obsession. But I was shocked to see the improvement the mask made to my skin and its hydration levels, as well as the value for money the mask sets offer. So, if you’re looking for a new face mask or a treatment for your dry/sensitive/oily skin, this brand is the one. b.liv specialises in pores and managing your skin with a huge range of face masks, each doing different things in order to maintain healthy and clear skin.

I recently started using the Hydrate Away Mask that is said to increase hydration by 16% after only four hours of single use, and I was really excited after wearing it to see the results. Firstly, though, the mask feels high end even on application as the texture is both smooth and certainly hydrating; it was also relaxing and made the whole experience better, as it felt almost as if I was being given a facial at a professional spa. The packaging was also very efficient and cleverly made and I am certainly loving the brand’s significant design as it looks eye catching yet simplistic (I’m always a sucker for attractive packaging). After fifteen minute use, the mask was slightly dryer and after a quick cleanse, my skin felt both radiant and also very smooth, which was a change. The results were smoother skin, a more even skin tone in terms of red and purple, and it even reduced the amount of imperfections and blackheads on my T-zone, which was where I was focusing the mask. In addition to all that, I noticed my forehead being much less oily and becoming very hydrated in the correct way, which isn’t something many other face masks have managed to do yet.

Even better, b.liv is not only doing hydration masks, there are also anti-ageing, blackhead removal, repairing, brightening and matte masks, many available not only in the set of 4 pack but also as single sheet masks or in cream form, which have brilliant reviews. I am dying to try out the Bright is Right mask as my skin can often be described as a little dull and it is becoming more and more popular within the depths of the skincare world. So, if your skin is feeling a little dry over the course of a long and cold winter, look no further than these gorgeous masks for the hydration boost you need.

b.liv 1

b.liv 2


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