Productivity Hacks For Bloggers: Write Content Faster and Beat Blogger’s Block With 9 Hacks

Writer’s block? Sick of three page views per post? Bored but can’t write anything good? Here are my tips for cracking writer’s block and creating great content quickly and with little pain, as well as several tasks to channel your productivity, plus great resources I’ve nicked from Pinterest. I’ve also included ways to focus more, become more invested, manage your time better and find the fun in blogging again for those days where the motivation levels are low and the frustration high.


#1 – Take a break! Whenever the words just won’t come, I’ll have a ten-minute focus break, grab some food and maybe read other peoples blogs as it gives me more motivation to write.

#2 – If it’s too much, leave it. Don’t cram blogging into every minute you have free, but spend time at your leisure; don’t make it stressful. If you try too hard, you’ll become less and less interested and perhaps end up quitting. Putting the laptop down for the evening and just chilling out has never hurt anyone.

#3 – Have a clear idea of what you want to write, ideally by having a post plan beforehand. I like to make spider diagrams and mind maps with ideas of blog posts and then whenever I’m in the mood to write, I’ll choose an idea and go from there. It does mean my drafts folder is full of around 35 posts but they are all in progress, and my scheduled folder is filling up every day.

#4 – Set yourself goals. This helps me work to achieve what I have set, and by thinking about what your blog could be if you put work in really does motivate me.

#5 – Write to-do lists (for smaller tasks) and then after completing a few of these, reward yourself with a treat. If I ever have loads of emails or messages, I’ll read and reply to around half of them and then reward myself, as let’s be real, going through a long list of emails is no fun.

#6 – If you’re feeling like blogging has become less fun, reinvest yourself by starting a completely different topic; for example, I wrote this blogging series after beauty and lifestyle posts became the norm. Switch it up!

#7 – Refocus your blog and think about your main aims. What are you trying to do? If you want to achieve a certain thing, either grab a notebook or check Pinterest for some printables and then plan how you can get to that goal. By jotting down the precise things you need to do, it can become easier to start working towards a big goal and may also make you feel more productive whilst you tick off each individual task.

#8 – Write a planner with a monthly, weekly and yearly plan: set out things such as social media followings, average daily/monthly pageviews or successful collaborations and then break large tasks down into smaller ones. This will let you track things easily on a smaller time scale and tick things off when you achieve things. I do this all the time and set out my ideal number of followers on Instagram and Pinterest several months ago, and when you reach these goals it is definitely a boost.

#9 – Schedule writing time and promoting time so they don’t get confused; one of the biggest blogging blips I made was spending an hour online but only around a quarter of that time was actually spent writing posts; I’d divide my time between ten small tasks and flit between them rather than concentrate one thing and be productive.

Tasks For Productivity

If you blog full time, I feel safe to say that you’ll have a planner. Schedule as many twenty minute or half hour slots you can (whilst leaving time for yourself) and then add tasks to each slot. The tasks you choose should all be relatively quick and easy and shouldn’t require a lot of hard work; editing photos for a blog post or promoting a new Instagram post could be another.

One of my favourite things to do when the productivity is feeling low is to select a post at random and give yourself half an hour to promote it everywhere; be creative but don’t spam! I often schedule this into my diary as a weekly event because it is the perfect way to start the weekend and should boost your pageviews, whilst allowing you to reap the rewards of promotion. However, if you give yourself much longer than thirty minutes, you might find that it becomes too long, so I would advise sticking to shorter amounts of time for maximum results.

Similarly to the last tip, choose a social media platform or online forum that generates a lot of traffic for your blog and do the same with around six or seven posts. Again, don’t give yourself too much time as it will become a chore and people may see your promotion as being spammy. This is a quick way to generate a good amount of pageviews, though, so it could be worth adding this task to your planner more often; whatever works for you.

Don’t have half an hour? Simply click on any post in your drafts section and head over to Canva to create a gorgeous graphic. I often use graphics from Canva for blog posts such as this one (mainly posts talking about tips, hacks, or blogging updates) because the graphics bring in extra traffic; don’t waste time on making stunning but useless graphics for a mental health post as it doesn’t fit the mood.

Write out ideas for some new blog posts and put a poll up on your Instagram story to get other views and suggestions. This is always a great way to start feeling more productive and hopefully, the blog post ideas will make you want to start writing again.

One of the best ways to spend short periods of time is to click onto Pinterest and start pinning. Not only is Pinterest so aesthetically pleasing, it often helps inspire me after a period of blogger’s block, which I am very thankful for. Not only that but it will also generate some extra traffic, especially if you belong to a lot of Pinterest boards.


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These are all sites I either use frequently or feel this specific article is both useful and relevant to the content of the post; they are for you to use and read if you are in need of more productivity tips or tricks. I did not write or create any of these and I did not use them to write this post – I used simply my own experience and knowledge. Enjoy, and if this post was useful for you, I’d love to hear about it! Please comment below or spread the love by clicking that share button!


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