How To Stay Positive If Fun Things Aren’t Fun Anymore

Being positive is a useful skill that you’ll need in order to stay on track, be productive, be happy and be the best version of you. However, it can be a very difficult thing to do, especially when you are in a position where you’re thinking about all negative things instead of focusing on the positives. I am definitely trying to become a more positive person at the moment and this guide is not only for you all but for me. Not only is this post great for you if the cold weather has been getting you down and you feel a little trapped, but it will also transform and improve daily life, even if you haven’t noticed feeling negative. As I write about mental health and wellbeing, this should incorporate that and both improve it and help maintain good mental health, making sure disorders such as depression don’t creep in.

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Write It Out

I have a diary-like book called that allows me to note down things I’m thankful for, things I’m mindful about, worrying thoughts, happy thoughts and sunny thoughts. It also has pages for drawings and a music playlist as well as a few mindful activities you can do to relax and focus on the good things. If you’re into creativity and have some spare time on your hands, why not try some colouring? There are dozens of Mindful Colouring books for sale currently, and simply shutting down for an hour is a great way to focus on the positives and also limit any stress.

Go Outside

Going out for a walk and spending time outside really improves your mood, as it allows you to focus on the simplicity and beauty of nature and not think about any stress-inducing things or negative things. Bring the dogs out for a walk, go out by yourself, out on some leggings and go for a jog or invite a friend over and pop outside together to get some extra positivity into your day.

Stay Offline

Limiting how much time you spend on social media can be amazing for your wellbeing! Depression has a direct link to the amount of time spent on social media, and studies have shown teenagers and young adults who reduce their screen time have improved mental health. Of course, negativity is not depression but preventing it comes with limiting your screen time – turn it off and do something fun!

Change Your Perception

Start turning things around a little and think about things with a different viewpoint. Instead of saying how tired you are, look at that as a good way to get a great sleep that night! Remember you are lucky and that many people around the world are much less fortunate than you are, and try to practise a little gratitude as this definitely helps me focus on being positive. This will improve your mindfulness and also help you put little things such as an expensive fee, traffic jam or missed bus into perspective; there are so many people living in such terrible conditions around the world, so small things that do cause annoyance but in the long run are not a huge issue shouldn’t make your whole day negative.

Smile More

This has been proven to take a toll on your mental health as well as your happiness! Smiling more, complimenting others and doing ‘a deed a day’ all mean you feel happier, as well as promoting productiveness. It’s also incredibly easy and I challenge you to try it right now.

Friends and Family 

Being around people that you love is a perfect way to become a little more positive, as well as add something into your week to look forward to. When I meet friends or family it is always a happy memory and you get to focus on the relationships you have with other people whilst perhaps doing an activity you wouldn’t do alone. Just seeing someone else for a few hours at the weekend can have a big impact on your mood for the week, how happy and connected you are, and your positivity. If you don’t often go out with people as you prefer being at home, here are a few ideas for an easy but fun outdoors date:

  • Go for coffee, brunch, smoothies or have a light meal together; it doesn’t need to be a Michelin 5 star!
  • Get outside and have a walk in the woods or take a stroll to the beach, along the river or anywhere you fancy! If you live in a city, you can still have fun going for a walk as cities are always exciting and busy places.
  • Try something new – go horse riding, book a squash court, go swimming or visit a contemporary art museum.
  • Enroll in a choir, sports club or book club and spend a few hours a week together practising a skill or talent.

Schedule Fun

Similar to the last point, scheduling fun plans in your diary is necessary to beat those wintery blues and start feeling more positive. Even little details such as a coffee date with an old friend or a weekly book club can be great motivation to stay happy, look forward to the weekend and socialise. Get creative and add even more fun in with a few days out, or look into something you’ve always wanted to try, such as paintballing or tennis.

Be Productive

This is another tip I feel that really helps with my general positivity, and completing everything on a long checklist can be good for having a sensible idea of self worth, being happier with yourself and warding off depression. Studies have shown that people who are more likely to finish their to do lists, be productive and work towards bigger goals are 75% less likely to be depressed or to have low self worth and esteem. So, work towards that goal, go big or go home!

Write About You

Be POSITIVE! Think about any big achievements and things you’ve done, such as any competitions you’ve entered, any important courses you’ve taken, any impressive exam results, holidays or expeditions you really enjoyed, or simply write your favourite memories and good qualities that you have. This reminds you of what

So, if life isn’t feeling too great at the moment, take note of a few of these and make big adjustments to your life by enforcing only a few simple rules. Remember, staying positive is incredibly important in terms of self worth and mental health, and if you aren’t positive, it can take a toll on a number of things, including friendships and relationships, happiness and even things such as productivity, how and when you exercise and how healthy you are.

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