Summer Fashion Lookbook

I thought it would be great to incorporate style and travel into one huge post and make a roundup of all the outfits I’ve worn this summer. I’ll be including where I got everything from and how I styled each outfit. Although I don’t frequently blog about fashion or style, I’d like to do it more often and this post is one of my first, so please bear with me as I find my feet, and comment your opinions!

Outfit 1


This vest top and short combo is super comfortable and casual, as well as looking chic with some sandals and a clutch. The shorts are from River Island and are one of my favourite things ever – I wear them near to constantly, and they go with everything! The white vest was something I picked up in the sales in New Look, and it sits really nicely. For the day out, I paired the combo with white heeled sandals (which I also found in New Look) and a black clutch from Accessorize, with my sunglasses from Boots.


Outfit 2

outfit 5 skirt and white top.jpg

This outfit was for the evening, as the skirt is a little on the short side to pass for the day; I found it at the back of New Look’s clearance section for only £6, and love it because it’s comfy yet sophisticated and again can be paired with many outfits. In this particular photo I’m wearing a white ribbed top, also from New Look, which I tucked into the skirt. I wore it with white Nike trainers and put two statement rings on, continuing with the monochrome look.

Outfit 3

outfit 7 yellow jumper black jeans

This style is a little less summery and although the photos are from slightly earlier in the year, I’m still including it as I love the pop of colour the sweater gives. I found it in H&M last year and went through a phase of wearing it almost every day for a week; I’ve teamed it with black skinny jeans from New Look that are distressed at the knee for a contrasting look. The yellow is already pretty bright so I didn’t opt for any accessories, sticking to a messy bun (although not in the photo) and black Nike trainers.

Outfit 4

outfit 1 jeans and black vest.jpg

The denim shorts are from New Look and I added a thin black belt from Accessorize to match the black vest by Bershka. I’m obsessed with this outfit and love how you can alter the parts of the outfit, by adding a belt for example, and the outfit looks completely different paired with a bomber. To add a bit of colour, I wore pastel pink fake nails and paired the look with black trainers and ankle socks with a small collection of monochrome anklets.

Outfit 5


Again, I’m wearing these Aztec shorts from River Island, along with a bardot from Superdry; to go with the shoulderless style of top, I wore a black bandeau from Topshop underneath – they’re ideal for wearing with bardots and bandeaus alike, and I’ve worn mine almost constantly this summer! I wore black trainers, trainer socks and statement eyeshadow with this outfit to add some colour.

Outfit 6


I’m not sure where the shorts are from, but I have very similar ones from ASOS – they’re super light and comfortable and are great for hot summery days. I wore a khaki ribbed bandeau with them to contrast, and it’s also very comfortable, plus so pretty! I love the fit and how it works with so many outfits. As it was a very casual outfit, I wore Superdry sliders and simply a pair of sunglasses from Boots to finish the look, along with slightly curled hair.

Outfit 7


I chose a stripey cold shoulder top with three quarter length sleeves as the weather was a little colder than the previous days, and paired it with my shorts from New Look. For accessories, I went for a black lace choker and a statement little find ringer, plus black trainers with trainer socks. The bardot is from Hollister and although I’ve had it for over a year, it still fits perfectly and it’s great for wearing with both longer trousers and shorts. Again, as it’s slightly cropped, it looks great worn with a bomber jacket and denim skirt or jeans.

Outfit 8


This is a super cute one and I love how pale these denim shorts are, as they make lighter tops look super cute and they go together very well. The yellow striped top is also a little cropped and goes with most things, and I got it last year from New Look; on the same shopping trip as when I picked up the blue shorts from H&M. The sliders are visibly from Superdry and are great to wear to the beach, whilst being comfortable and cute (ish). In the photos, the jumper around my waist is a grey sweater from Ivy Park that I decided it was too hot for.

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