30 Summer Date Ideas That Will Cost You Less Than £5

Enjoy this short list of 30 cute summer dates for you and your significant other or just a friend! They’re all under £5 and very versatile, so have fun!

#1: Go to a picturesque place and have a mini photoshoot.

#2: Grab your sports leggings and go for a run.

#3: Have a water fight, with either a hose or some super cheap water balloons.

#4: Find a local market and have a browse.

#5: Go on a bike riding or find some roller blades.

#6: Research nearby festivals, and grab some tickets to a cheap one.

#7: Set up a small campfire in the garden, and roast marshmallows or sausages.

#8: Go outside in the evening and stargaze.

#9: Go and get frozen yoghurt or ice cream and add as many toppings as you can.

#10: Have a picnic in the evening and watch the sun go down.

#11: Go horse riding.

#12: Walk on the beach either early in the morning or before sunset.

#13: Find a good movie screening and take along some popcorn; ideally outside for an extra summery vibe.

#14: Make a fort or resurrect a tent and sleep outside.

#15: Go geocaching.

#16: Go out and take some photos in your local town or park and submit these to a competition.

#17: Visit a museum or art gallery.

#18: Use DIY face mask, foot mask and spa recipes for a relaxing night in.

#19: Go camping for a night or two, even if it’s somewhere local.

#20: Take the train to a stop nearby and explore a near town or city for the day.

#21: Visit an animal sanctuary or wild animal hospital.

#22: Volunteer at a local charity shop or sanctuary for a day.

#23: Grab a map and go on a hike or drive and see where you end up.

#24: Meet up with some friends for a bonfire or meal out.

#25: Go to a theme park or amusement arcade.

#26: Hire a paddle boat or canoe at a nearby canal or lake.

#27: Play badminton or squash on a slightly less hot day, or go outside and book a tennis court.

#28: Visit a nearby city that you haven’t been to in a while and make a day out.

#29: Find a Treasure Trail for a local area and do that (you can buy them online and in some tourist offices or places of information).

#30: Try a smoothie bar near you and have fun with trying very obscure flavours.

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