How To Maintain Good Mental Wellbeing

Mental wellbeing is very important, and there are many things you’re able to do daily that will improve it. Some of these are small things and others are bigger, so make sure to try to work on at least five, so it’s altering your lifestyle just the right amount. Doing a mix of these is almost guaranteed to make you a little happier and improve your general mood, plus increase your fitness, so go wild!

  • Stay Social

Although social media can have a negative effect on your mental health and self-esteem, spending the right amount of time on there is much better, and utilising the platforms so you get the most out of them is also good. Plus, the benefits include making new plans and arrangements with friends so you are staying social and organising things to look forward to, both good for your mental wellbeing.

  • Switch Off

Aim to turn off your phone and other electronics around an hour before you go to bed, as the light that your phone screen emits is harmful to your eyes and will keep you up a little later.

  • Know What Makes You Happy

You can control your mood by doing more of what makes you happy – for example, listen to music that makes you feel good, do sports and activities you enjoy. You should also know what makes you unhappy, and avoid that; this goes for people, too. I talk about this in another point a little later on but it is so important to focus on you and no one else, and choose things that really do make you happy.

  • Stay Active

Being active is not only great for physical health but it will also drastically improve your mental health. Running or even doing a small workout daily is a great way to keep fit, and if you’re looking to look a little toned, it works both ways. You’ll feel super self-confident and more mentally healthy; what’s to lose?

  • Listen To Music

Music is key for some people, as listening to good music and finding tunes that can help your mood is an important way to deal with anxiety and also a low mood. Nowadays there are hundreds of ‘anxiety-fighting’ playlists that you can listen to and download which will be beneficial to you, especially if you do feel anxious at times or have been diagnosed with anxiety.

  • Be Picky With Friends

Cut off toxic people, fake friends and those who simply don’t improve your life – they aren’t worth the hassle and will worsen your mood. As well as perhaps lowering your self-esteem and causing avoidable arguments, by cutting such people off you can focus on your real friends and devote more time to having fun and celebrating having nice people in your life. Keeping people who don’t make you happy in your life is pointless, and I guarantee that saying goodbye to a few two-faced people will improve your mental wellbeing at some point, even if it’s a little tricky to do.

  • Get Outside

Fresh air and being outside can make a big difference, and being outside has many physical health benefits too. During Summer it’s super easy to go outside and spend time outdoors, but in Winter it can be less motivating; you should aim to be outside for more than an hour daily. Fill this time with a daily walk, jog, or meet up with a friend and take a walk together. Try to do different things with family if you stay inside quite a bit – it will make a difference.

  • Be Realistic

Keeping things real and acknowledging that you will have faults and that nobody is perfect is essential – remember that you’ll have down days, that you won’t always be good at everything, that some people are just a waste of time and that you won’t have ‘the perfect’ body shape and type, because that isn’t a thing. Decide on what you want for yourself and create your personal definition of perfect.

  • Set Goals

Having goals and being motivated (see below) is important for mental wellbeing as it allows you to work towards things and reward yourself for consequent achievements. This is a specific tip for preventing low moods and depression, and by setting goals and ticking things off (such as homework completed) you can effectively boost your self-esteem, improving your mental wellbeing. More on that below!

  • Find Motivation

Again, working towards things is really important and will help will self-esteem and motivation – find something that motivates you and work with that! For example, I recently started running and found it had a very positive effect on my mental health, as well as improving my physical health. There are hundreds of ways you can become motivated, whether you’re inspired by people or things; does a certain blogger or celebrity motivate you to achieve things? Does thinking about being super fit or winning a race make you want to go and run? Find your thing and keep doing it.

  • Try Something New

Allowing yourself to step out your comfort zone and try something different can be great for your mental health, and you might meet some nice new people. If you’re lucky you might find yourself enjoying whatever you take up, and if not, try something else!

  • Allow Down Time

This is another very important one, and it’s super easy to implement into your daily routine. Take at least fifteen minutes of down time to yourself daily, and ideally, it should be at least double that. Make sure you have time to reflect and think, and alone time is also good. De-stress and just chill for a bit, and you’ll see a difference.

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