3 Period Subscription Boxes Every Girl Needs Now

Girls go through a lot, with school stress and period cramps, and to celebrate that, there are some pretty awesome boxes you can get delivered to your door that will make your time of the month SO much more bearable. I could honestly subscribe to all three of these forever and be totally content…Because the contents are fantastic and not only perfect for when Aunt Flo is here but also throughout the entirety of the month, in the form of some stunning new lipstick or moisturiser. I’m so impressed by the concept of these boxes and completely obsessed by their ethics and adorable packaging, so if you’re in need of a period pick-me-up, this is where to look. There are also a great gift for any girl in your life.

#1: Pink Parcel

Possibly the cutest packaging ever, a large bundle of welcome gifts worth much more than they are sold for and a perfect selection of products, Pink Parcel is practically perfect. Not only do you get a few beauty bits and bobs, you’re also sent artisan (posh word for expensive) chocolate, herbal teas designed to soothe cramps or any side effects of your time of the month, pads or tampons depending on your individual preferences and a handful of surprises.

#2: Betty Box

Focusing on beauty products and some aesthetic nibbles as well as your femcare products (chosen by you) this box is a must-have. For only £12.99 a month, this box is amazing value and will definitely satisfy your cravings, as well as keeping your beauty compartment looking gorgeous and full.

#3: Ms Flow

Full of bath goodies, teas, chocolates and period products (again, chosen by you and personalised for your needs) sweets and beauty bits, its the perfect bundle of things for your period. Again, with the cutest packaging and monthly schedule that should exactly fit yours, its ideal for anyone struggling with their time of the month!

I hope you all enjoy this post and get a little inspiration from it! I for one was definitely very impressed by these beautiful boxes and I hope you ladies (and gentlemen, if you have a girl in mind) are too. These aren’t the only period boxes but these are the main three and they are more than good enough, so take your pick!

Disclaimer: This post does not contain affiliate links and I would never include something that goes against my personal opinion, so you can fully trust anything I write here. If you own a brand or company and would like to collaborate with me, please email me at kissesofconfidencegirl@gmail.com or check out my contact page and collaboration guide here.



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