Easy Skincare Hacks For A Clear Complexion: My Skincare Obsession

Keeping your skin super healthy and glowing certainly feels like a task sometimes, and finding the right skincare products is also a task. There are hundreds of brands selling very similar products right now, and at the bottom, I’ve included a few brands I frequently buy from, which are great for sensitive skin. These hacks will allow you to give your skin a treat and hopefully notice a bit of a difference afterwards. I’ve tried all 8 and though they were all super useful, and if you use them correctly and frequently enough they will become really effective.

#1 Chill to perfection
Personally, I love having good coverage without having to apply foundation, primer and BB cream, so finding good concealers is a priority to keep my makeup looking natural. However, in addition to testing as many concealers as humanly possible, I use a few techniques that distract from any undereye circles and can also lead to an even skin tone. By cooling two teaspoons overnight in the fridge and placing these under your eyes in the morning, it not only cancels any red circles but also wakes you up. I do this whenever I’m feeling tired and have a little extra time and it definitely works!

#2 Micellar Water is Key
If you have sensitive skin and some makeup remover triggers reactions, use micellar water as a more natural substitute; not only is that one of its functions anyways, it’s also often much cheaper and can come in travel sized pots for on the go use. It also means you have a backup plan if your skin is feeling super dirty or greasy, and you will feel very organised with it tucked into your handbag.

#3: Salt Water
It seems as if a little salt could maybe cure anything (well, not quite) but I only found out this trick worked quite recently. If you’re struggling with a spot that is inflamed or irritated, save time by simply mixing a teaspoon of salt with enough water to form a runny but still solid-like paste. Then apply that to the area and wait for around 15-20 minutes before removing it, and the inflammation should go down. This apparently also works for puffy eyes, but I haven’t tried it due to fear of getting salt in my eyes.
#4: Self-love
Massages can go a long way, and it turns out even those little weird massages you give yourself in a long lesson or whilst absentmindedly listening to music are beneficial. By gently applying pressure to the bones under the eyes and rubbing your fingers in circular motions moving outwards and towards the temples is meant to be very efficient at treating puffy eyes or tight under eye skin, both of which could also be solved after buying largely expensive serum.

#5: Lemon Water

This is one of my favourites as it’s really easy to incorporate into your daily lifestyle and isn’t completely disgusting! Lemons are inexpensive and it’s easy to chop one up and add a few slices to a refillable water bottle; this will keep your breath smelling fresh, your liver healthy, your skin clear and it means you drink more, which has dozens of health benefits in itself.

#6: Remove All Makeup

This is probably the most ignored rule as I know all how easy it is to disregard that mascara and sleep with a hint of concealer; however, it has huge advantages for your skin if you take an extra ten minutes and go through your skin routine nightly as well as in the morning. You will not only save time by skipping those not-so-cute panda eyes, it also reduces the blemishes and blackheads on your face by up to 81%. Many people also report removing makeup around an hour before they apply moisturiser for the night allows them to reduce any inflammation or redness, particularly on sensitive skin. You’ll also find your skin tone is slightly more even and your face, in general, will be much cleaner!

#7: Cut The Dairy

Dairy and lactose can actually cause breakouts; this is, along with cruel parents wanting to put off children with a sweet tooth, why the rumours about chocolate causing breakouts came about. Yes, dairy is still a good food and you shouldn’t cut it out of your diet completely, but skipping the added cream or not adding butter to your sandwiches can go a long way. A close friend of mine doesn’t eat dairy but her skin is gorgeously smooth so perhaps she has cracked the code!

#8: Maintain Your Routine

Just like sleep, hair and beauty, skincare routines shouldn’t vary every day; the only changes you should be making in an ideal world is swapping a few products around for different seasons. I use moisturiser with a high SPF value in summer to reduce the chance of burning, as well as removing the extra exfoliation as I feel it is not necessary – however, when I am travelling and the weather is warm, I’ll protect my skin with moisturiser that I’ll reapply daily and also wear mixed in with foundation. As well as keeping some routine going, you should try to stick to it; yes, there are some nights where you’re too exhausted to wash AND tone your face which is fine, but using the same few products on a daily base means your skin will become familiar with them and benefit from it.

Extra: Brands To Try

Below are a few brands I’m loving that you can check out and try! They range in price and popularity so do a little bit of browsing before you buy and see which tickle your fancy, but I’ve been so impressed by new products by all these and thought they deserved a little mention. Sometimes freshening your skincare collection and changing up the routine is just what you need!

-Simple (the UK’s leading skincare brand for a reason!)




-Skin & Tonic



-Nourish London (see below)

-Botanicals (see below)

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