7 Insanely Useful Blogging Tasks To Do Without Wifi To Save Time

Being a blogger, you’re probably reading this for an answer to how to juggle all the blogging-related tasks you just have to do, when you might not have access to Wifi. I’m talking, you know, drafting posts, tracking views, writing social media posts and actually, you know, blogging.

So here are 7 things I frequently do that not only help my blog and grow my traffic massively but also help me save time by filling my time spent on the bus or on long journeys instead of letting small tasks eat up my time that could be spent doing something else. I often find that they also reduce any stress that might be accumulating due to, you know, not enough time to do everything you feel that you need to do – so take note and start doing this! I assure you it will make a big difference.

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Now, with no further ado…

1. Draft posts

You can either start a note and write them in without using up any data – unlike writing posts on WordPress. I often spend time on the bus jotting down opening paragraphs or lists for my posts, and I can assure you I have saved a huge amount of time by doing it at a time when I wouldn’t have anything else to do. Simply copy the text into a WordPress draft once you have connection or email it to yourself so you can resume on your laptop.

2. Edit pictures

This is so useful! VSCO and a handful of other high-quality editing apps allow you to edit photos without connection, and I find myself leaving my editing for a long journey due to the convenience of spending time that may otherwise be wasted on editing photos and creating a cohesive feed. You can also go through photoshoots and select photos you want to keep, as well as using apps like Medium to build your ideal feed. These things may only take twenty minutes but they’re completely essential to growing your blog, so take the time to do them well!

3. Create brainstorms, mind maps, plans etc

You can do it on a note app or in a notebook, and you can do it on almost any topic you want. I find mindmaps and lists so helpful that I have a whole thick notebook of them, all complete with information about almost anything blog-related. Plus, it only requires a notebook and pen! The best thing is, there are no limitations; mindmap whatever you like and whatever you will need for future reference. However, here are a few ideas for useful topics to write or plan about:

  • Create a list of blog post ideas
  • Jot down a list of social media post ideas
  • Make a to-do list
  • Create a mindmap of ambitions and goals relating to your blog

4. Write captions for social media posts or updates

Again, I find myself doing this a lot and I think it’s a total lifesaver! By having a notes app that you can easily use and save captions in, it takes all of a minute to upload a photo to Instagram or Twitter and then post it. You can save time and energy with this tip and it should allow you to be productive when you aren’t connected.

5. Group relevant hashtags together (for Instagram, Pinterest)

This is something I find very challenging, and I often feel very unmotivated when trying to find new combinations of hashtags for posts, as it is definitely a time-consuming task. Although you won’t be able to use Instagram’s search tool to see how many posts each hashtag has, if you are used to writing lists of hashtags for social media posts, you should have a good idea of the ones that work for you and your blog.

6. Write out your goals and ambitions

By simply listing out any goals that you have for your blog, you can easily motivate yourself by just imagining where you want to be. For example, when I started blogging (in 2017) I wrote out my goals and ambitions as to where I wanted to take it and felt that this small thing really helped me stay on track, keep writing posts and persevere. I wrote about traffic, social media, sponsorship and relationships, and most of these ambitions were reached within only a few months of hard work; so, use those free ten minutes to create a list of your goals!

7. Create charts, graphs etc

Tracking your blog’s success is important, and the likelihood is, you’ll need quite a few printouts to complete your collection of tracking sheets and graphs; there are lots of things to track! When offline, you can design and draw your own success sheets to use right away, and I recently spent quite a while doing this – after plotting where most of my pageviews came from and then using these sites to my advantage (Instagram, Pinterest and Quora) I managed to see a quick spike in visitor numbers to my blog. Make sure to frequently check that the websites giving you most of your traffic are consistent, and if you have Google Analytics enabled, this is a huge help. Use every single tool you can to your advantage and make sure to keep an eye on your stats every so often, just so you get an insight of who visits your blog and how they get there.

I hope you get this far in the post (if you do, I hope you click ‘Follow Blog’ so you can read about any upcoming posts for bloggers) and that you find this helpful! If you do any of these or have any other blogging tasks you do when you know you won’t have Internet, comment below!

One thought on “7 Insanely Useful Blogging Tasks To Do Without Wifi To Save Time

  1. Graceful Rags says:

    Lots of good ideas! I always wonder what to do when I don’t have wifi but this certainly gave me lots of options. 🙂 Editing photos is also one of my go-tos. Thanks for the tips!

    Miles of smiles,



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