Get To Know Me Better: Personal Q&A

I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A about me, so you guys can get to know me a little better and understand what I’m about and what I enjoy doing.

These questions are a mix of things I thought up myself, questions commented in response to my Instagram story and some stolen from other Q&As, so enjoy!

Favourite food?

Probably pasta, but honestly anything Italian. I also love chocolate cake and I drink smoothies literally every day, and pitta bread is definitely another one. There’s too many to list…

Play any sports?

I did gymnastics for ages and only recently stopped, but when I was younger I also did cheerleading and tennis. I’ve just started running as a hobby, so that can count as a sport too.

Hopes for the future?

Definitely to do something with either history or English. I’d actually love to write, even if it’s for newspapers and a small blog, but for most of my childhood, I wanted desperately to be an author. Now I think I’m branching out a little and would love to study modern history and English at university and then pursue a career that ideally involves both. For this blog, I’d love to continue with it well into the future and grow it and stay friends with the lovely

Favourite people?

My parents, my little brother (most of the time) and my best friends. Simone Biles is my inspiration, though, and she’s great too!

Place you want to travel?

Most places! Definitely Europe and if I did go to Europe I would want to do a whistle-stop tour around the capital cities. I also want to travel on the other side of the world and visit Fiji and New Zealand. However, if I could choose one holiday to go on I’d island hop in Greece and finish up in Athens because Greece looks simply stunning and the food also looks so good!

Items on your bucket list?

Most of the last paragraph, as well as going to a big blogging event, various things like going travelling with my best friends, and go in a hot air balloon. There’s a ton of other things that I’d love to do, too,

What’s your favourite smell?

Most candles, but I love the smell of freshly cut grass and honeysuckle most. Also, the smell of mulled wine or cinnamon is amazing; anything that smells like Christmas is the best!

How do you relax?

With a bubble bath, gentle stretching, drinking green tea and writing. I also love taking an early night and reading in bed.

What do you hate and what are you most scared of?

I hate people being late, being late myself, delayed trains or flights, people who have unrealistic entitlement and I am definitely most scared of losing the people I love the most. I’m also scared of spiders and very deep water, although I can swim.

What makes you really happy?

I love long holidays, long summer evenings, Christmassy smells, hot chocolate and warm socks on a cold day, spending time with my friends and family, and food.

What are your favourite memories?

I remember being at Disney Land when I was really young in the snow and that’s a really sweet memory, but talking more recently, I spent my birthday evening with my boyfriend last year and that was so lovely. I also love any memory with my two best friends, and because we have so many, it’s fun to look back on them too. Any memory I share with my favourite people is a good one, and taking photos is a great way to remember that day and look back on it.

What do you do when you’re stressed?

I read or write, and if it’s a big thing, I’ll go for a run; I always find that helps me alleviate stress and become less angry. Depends what it’s over, though, because if it’s school related stress I’ll take a bath and then go to bed early, or make sure I get time to myself rather than working late.

What hobby have you always wanted to try?

I always thought horse riding would be fun, but I did gymnastics for the majority of my childhood and though the two would clash. It’s also expensive and time consuming and I have little time after school nowadays.

What job do you think you’d be really bad at? 

I get distracted easily so I couldn’t do something under too much pressure; I’m also really squreamish so anything that involves blood would be a no-no.

What songs have you completely memorised? 

Honestly, every single One Direction song because they were pretty much my childhood, and me and my best friends still frequently have a sing along. Also Thunder by Imagine Dragons because that’s my favourite song and I’ve listened to it so much.

Do you want pets? 

Definitely! I had two cats but they worsened my mum’s asthma, so when they died we didn’t replace them. However, when I move out I am definitely having rescue cats and possibly also a snake.

What small things improve your day? 

People being in a good mood, nice food, being on holiday, cute little texts or phone conversations with someone you miss, nice weather, and going on a run all make my day a little better.

Ideally, how would you spend the weekend?

I’d lie in and then eat breakfast late and then either stay in with friends or spend time with family. We’d go out to dinner and then Sunday would be more or less the same, if a little more relaxed.

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