Make Your Bandeau Look Stylish and Cute With These 2 Combinations

Bandeaus can be a little tricky to style; they’re ideal for summer and can be twinned with many things to create a subtle yet stunning look – and this year, all the stylish shops were selling them like they were the next big thing – which they were. Topshop had an entire webpage full of them, New Look had dozens of designs on their sales racks, Bershka had a gorgeous selection and they were everywhere on Instagram… So I thought a style post would be relevant because I’ve completely fallen in love with the look. Here are a few ways you can style your bandeaus or tube tops, complete with some of the looks I tried out this summer.

Loose Trousers

This gives a chill and summery vibe, and you can look gorgeous and flaunt your figure without showing too much skin; the trousers contrast with the tube top and allow you to pull off a stunning look, ideal for warm evenings or holidays.

There’s also a ton of ways you can style flowy trousers, from styling them with trainers to wearing heels to throwing on a bomber jacket to simply wearing a bandeau; I love this look for its simplicity and how comfortable it was! I also received a lot of compliments, which is always a good thing!

The bandeau I’m wearing below is from Topshop and only cost £6, and I was super happy to find it early in the summer and wear it plenty of times. It looks gorgeous with trousers, like below, and also great with looser shorts or a skirt, so it was a perfect addition to my summer wardrobe. I’m wearing New Look stripe trousers and an Alice band Accessorize to finish the look.

You can find the bandeau I’m wearing right here!




You can also pair a bandeau with either a denim skirt or boyfriend jeans, both being great for wearing in summer; this look was perfect for a walk along the beach and a quick ice cream stop! It looks effortlessly cute and boyfriend jeans can be worn for a slightly cooler day; also, throw on a windbreaker over the top and create an outfit for all year round. You can choose whether you want to dress down with some trainers and a pair of sunnies (like I have) or be a little smarter and add sandals or heels and a clutch; prom ready!

In this outfit, everything is from New Look (I’m definitely loving their selection right now!) apart from the shoes which are Nike. The denim skirt is gorgeous and goes with everything, from bandeaus to bardots to long-sleeved tops. I also bought the bandeau in a sale just before I went on holiday (I actually have an identical one in pink) and was so excited about the colour, as khaki isn’t a colour I wear a lot of and is definitely something I’d like to experiment with.


If you’re looking for a little bandeau inspiration, as I mentioned above, both Topshop and Bershka have some really gorgeous ones on sale. I also loved New Look’s range of basic but cute bandeaus as the plainer designs could go with anything, so you can get more creative with your outfits!

Many celebs are into the bandeau trend, and I’m particularly loving Madison Beer’s style; she often pairs simplistic bandeaus with camo pants and a jacket, and she can pull it off with ease. Bella Hadid is also one for the trend and she has a collection of tops that she wears on and off the runway; who else is loving her style, bandeau or otherwise? If you’re stuck with how to wear your bandeau, there are so many people you can take inspiration from; experiment and have fun!

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