4 Meaningful Gift Ideas For People Who Don’t Want Presents

Christmas is nearing and that means the shops are full of frantic shoppers, scribbling names off their list and with mountains of cash in their purses. However, there’s always that one person who doesn’t need or want anything and is impossible to buy for. There are also people who don’t like buying presents and would rather opt for a less expensive way of showing their love to someone. This list incorporates a multitude of cute and meaningful things you can do for someone this year that doubles as a present.

You can even personalise and alter these ideas so they perfectly fit the person who you’re giving to; they can be for your partner, a friend, a colleague or a relative.

christmas present 1


This idea works for almost anyone and can be tailor-made to suit their personal preference. For example, a friend and I made the cutest scrapbook of our photos and memories for another friend, and we filled around sixty pages with photographs and funny quotes and even texts that we had sent each other. She loved it and although the process took hours, it was fun and cost almost nothing; plus, it was a sentimental gift that she can keep and look back on.

You could make a scrapbook for your significant other with photos that you have together and dates that are important to you, or a journal for your friend and add different titles or pages for them to fill in.

There are hundreds of ideas on Pinterest and they can all be personalised however you like, plus buying a scrapbook is cheap and they’re sold in most craft stores as well as larger supermarkets or independent shops (Hobbycraft is the best in my opinion). Have fun letting your creative juices flow as you design their own gift! I think it’s a really sweet way of showing how much someone means to you and serves as a very meaningful gift. You could even create your own scrapbook full of paintings or poems like the photo below.

christmas present 3


Again, I’ve made several cute and meaningful presents by simply buying a mason jar (available from many homeware shops, large supermarkets and Amazon) and filling it with either sweets or little notes. You can write quotes on pieces of coloured paper and fill the jar with these; it looks great when it’s done and costs next to nothing and will make your non-materialistic friend happy.

Other ideas are:

  • Fill a jar with a wrapped sweet or chocolate
  • Write memories and put them in the jar
  • List the reasons why you love someone
  • Write out date ideas

Another idea for someone who enjoys baking and cooking is to put the ingredients for a simple recipe into a jar as a cute snack-in-a-jar idea.

christmas present 4

Photo Album

Albums can be bought for a reasonable price and once you’ve selected the photos you want to put in, this gift takes very little time. You can leave some empty space for new memories or fill the whole album; your choice. To add a little something special, you could add stickers or washi tape around the pages and annotate the photos with dates and locations so the receiver can read through and take a trip down memory lane.

christmas present 5

Token Book

This is perfect for family members or your partner; you just cut out some small pieces of paper, staple them together or use a hole-punch to create a small flip book and then decide on tokens to write on each piece of paper. You can write things such as ‘one car wash’ or ‘one Starbucks date’ and then the receiver can cash in these tokens, ripping them out the book after they’re done. It’s such a cute way to spend more time with the special people in your life and improve your relationships.

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