9 Influential Lifestyle Bloggers You Need To Follow

Blogging has definitely changed my life, and there are plenty of people who have really inspired me during the process of starting a blog, experimenting and trying new things, and trying to figure out the right way to do things. It’s so important to have inspiration and to be motivated by others, especially if they are doing what you do – they provide a snapshot of what you are able to achieve, of what you could be doing, of what all the hard work could result in. Everyone I’ve reached out to and asked for help or advice has been so nice and the whole community is really supportive and friendly, and there are hundreds of bloggers who amaze me daily, but this shortlist contains 6 bloggers who have either gone out of their way to give me good advice or inspire me, through perfect photos or their blog contents.

Absolutely Olivia

Olivia is the most inspirational blogger I’ve met and she’s insanely talented at speaking out and getting her voice heard. If you’re a feminist or have strong views and want to support a fellow teenage blogger reaching out and making a difference, then go and follow Absolutely Olivia.

Kate Bartlett

Kate’s photos all seem to be super effortless – but seriously, I still don’t know how she manages to find so many gorgeous places to pose at! She’s also an absolute fashion icon and everything she wears looks gorgeous on her. She’s also relatable, funny and her blog contains a ton of fashion advice, outfit inspo and gorgeous style shots! Her summer outfits are the ones I’m obsessing over but she seems able to make a stylish combination out of any random selection of clothes, which is a skill I seem to be lacking. If you’re looking for someone with a colourful and individual sense of style, Kate’s your girl.

Kate Ballamy

Her blog, Kate Loves, is not only completely gorgeous with its pink and white theme and stunning photography, but all her posts are so well written and I could spend hours on her website, just binge reading everything. I’m definitely most jealous of her photography and her Instagram is something else!

Capturing Life on Camera

Not only is the lifestyle section of her blog full of useful tips, style inspiration and advice, lookbooks and storytimes (I’m loving her Try On Haul post) she also has a huge travel section and an additional photography page; the latter is full of photography tips, advice and photoshoots she’s done. Her whole blog is definitely one of my favourite places on the Internet to explore and reading her posts fill me with a sense of awe – the photography is next level!

Lauren Ashley

As affordable style is definitely something I’m into (big time) her blog is a place of interest for me as the fashions she talks about are both super inspiring and interesting – plus, she suits almost everything under the sun. Her blog, aptly named The Fashionista’s Diary has dozens of stunning outfits, as well as beauty blog posts and a collection of blog posts full of blogging help and advice… The one discussing Blog Organisation is super handy if you’re feeling overwhelmed by your blog, by the way. Thank you Lauren for being so stylish!

Angela Lanter

Angela is actually a huge name in the blogging world, so many of you out there reading this may already be familiar with her name. However, I started reading her blog relatively recently and fell in love with her writing style and flawless photography. Of her style posts, the Autumn boots may be my favourite, as she nails each combo and I’m just crushing on her entire wardrobe.

The Thought Journal

This one is a little closer to home, as Emily also frequently writes about coping with mental health disorders as well as blogging about lifestyle. Her whole site is absolutely gorgeous and I could probably spend hours there, honestly; the mental health, lifestyle, dating and relationship advice is super useful and has been a great way for me to learn more about coping methods, and she also has a section entitled Pinterest Millionaire that takes you to her course allowing you to see her strategies to gain over 2 million Pinterest views. Emily covers almost anything in her blog, but the 14 ways to be happier post she recently published is a firm favourite of mine.

Heather Rowland

Heather’s blog is so inspirational, as her vegan lifestyle often makes me want to convert to veganism from being vegetarian; plus, if you love to keep healthy, her fitness posts are super inspiring too. She’s also gorgeous and has an amazing sense of style, so skimming through her style posts is a frequent hobby of mine. You can also simply scroll through her Pinterest for food, fashion, life and photography inspiration, plus aesthetic boards for seasons (the Autumn one is a winner). If you’re a lover of music and are always looking for a new artist to follow, Heather is the one; her taste is so good and she often includes songs I’d never have listened to otherwise. You can become food and fitness-obsessed for free by clicking onto her blog.

Kristian (Shades of Unique)

I love the blog name and found her via Pinterest (follow me @confidenceandkisses) and fell in love with her aesthetic and outlook on life. Her blog is even better! Not only does she have a selection of useful blogging posts in which she explains how she became successful and gives her advice, but she also has a photography section which I’m more than a little obsessed with.

If you also read the blogs of anyone on this shortlist, don’t be afraid to comment or leave suggestions with any other bloggers that I haven’t yet mentioned. And if your name is on here, thank you so much for reading this *internally fangirls*.

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