8 Perfect Places To Visit In London

London, like most capitals, has hundreds and hundreds of travel guides, listing dozens of great places to visit. These are the 8 best places to go in my opinion; they’re all great for different seasons and different times, but they’ll all guarantee a good time. Although there are many more, if you’re ever in London you should try and tick a few of these off your list.

 Oxford Street

Perfect for shopping, lunch out or brunch, Oxford Street has it all! After a few shopping trips there I have been left thoroughly tired out – in a good way. It not only has stores that you can’t find anywhere else in England, but it also has a huge range of them, and you could buy outfit after outfit there without any problem. It’s also super festive at Christmas, and the lights make for an impressive sight. Who doesn’t like a good bit of shopping?

The Crystal (London Docklands)

This museum talks about the sustainability of the city, so it’s perfect for someone interested in geography or science – and right outside are the cable cars that take you over 300 feet above the Thames, allowing you to take in the gorgeous views of London. The whole area has been regenerated and completely improved since the docks were closed, and it is now a lovely part of London – plus the O2 provides an evening of fun after a day out.

The Sky Garden

30 something floors up, in a mammoth glass building in Central London, a garden? We decided to visit Sky Garden for my birthday a few weeks ago and I was certainly impressed! Although most things inside the garden (food, drink) are expensive, entry is free and the hour time slot given to visitors is the perfect amount for having an explore around the greenery and then looking out over London and the insane views that are provided by the sheer height of the building. Make sure to bring spare cash and a good camera!



With the Tate Modern and the Globe, you can study some contemporary art and see a play in historic style; plus walk along the Thames and take in the iconic views of the Shard. Modern art isn’t usually my thing but after looking through the galleries I realised that it’s still fun to explore and experiment.

Richmond Park

As a child, I frequently visited Richmond park and had multiple picnics there (I even met Jacqueline Wilson there one memorable day) and it definitely has a place in my heart! It’s huge and therefore can keep you entertained all day, and it’s quite close to the city centre, too, so it’s also perfect for an afternoon stroll after a busy morning shopping. It’s the perfect location for a date and is something a little different to the city’s busiest attractions.

King’s Cross

I am in love with King’s Cross, for the pretty purple light tunnel located between King’s Cross and St Pancras, and the selection of attractions all the way round in. Better, the 9 3/4 platform can also be found here, so any Harry Potter fans can have their fun too. Lumiere is hosted there each year, and the stunning selection of light displays are a great attraction. There are also dozens of restaurants and cafes all around the area, many of which look over Regents canal, or the British Library for the avid reader. Th library often hosts different exhibitions, too, which is a good addition to your day (but check in advance).

London Eye

The views over the whole city are to die for! Although heights may not be your thing, the photo opportunities definitely are; plus, it’s a great way of seeing the whole city without spending two weeks physically exploring it. Although it isn’t cheap, it takes a while to complete and will a break from walking around the city.

London Zoo

This is perfect for families visiting London – the huge attraction hosts hours of fun and many animals that are rare in zoos across England; the huge rainforest area is great fun, and you’ll be guaranteed to have fun searching for the elusive sloth. You can also get views of Regents canal and spy parrots flying overhead. It’s close enough to Regents Park to get in a nice walk, and there are several cafes and ice cream bars to keep the family hydrated.

6 thoughts on “8 Perfect Places To Visit In London

  1. Emily M says:

    I love visiting London! There are so many great and hidden places to find that don’t feature in the travel guides such as St Dunstan in the East garden near the Tower of London and the Docklands area 📸💕

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