Christmas Gift Guide for Teenagers: 9 Gifts Under £15 That Any Teen Will Appreciate

Christmas gifts are always a challenge and buying for teenagers can be even more tricky. However, there are a few timeless gifts that will always be appreciated. Even if your budget isn’t huge and your choice is limited, there are tons of small and simple gifts that you can buy for any teen out there (that aren’t are a little more personal than a fiver and a card). Happy shopping!

1: Socks

This is such a cute gift, I would love to receive socks from anyone! Warm socks are a great gift as the Christmas period is always a little chilly and socks are a simple part of Christmas that just make it a little better. New Look does a huge range and I’m obsessed! There are also options in shops like M&S and Next.

2: Room decor

Not only do most teenagers live in their rooms, but they might also be lusting after some change. Many shops now have their own home range, and I love New Look’s in particular; you can easily pick up a few small homeware items for under £15. This can be anything from matching photo frames to a makeup mirror to a personalised sign or a quirky light.

3: Gift cards, vouchers

As I mentioned above, money can seem a little generic; don’t get me wrong, money is great and it will almost definitely come in handy for a teen, but if you’re looking for a special gift then vouchers are the way to go. If there’s a teenager in your life who’s impossible to buy for, a gift voucher is a good way to make sure they will love what you give them. Costa, Starbucks and Pizza Express all do vouchers and this is a great Christmas gift as they can then get a few free warm snacks free of charge! I love receiving Costa cards and they’re definitely a Christmassy thing, and even £5 is a great gift. There are also vouchers for almost all clothing shops (Topshop is a popular one) and iTunes that are useful for all teens too. Amazon vouchers can also be bought if you don’t know the teenager as well and are looking for a more generic idea.

4: Skincare

Skincare items are great for teenagers; the range is gargantuan and there are products for almost everything under the sun. Boys also use skin care products (albeit not as much) and if you know they’re into it, it’s a thoughtful and handy gift. Plus, skincare can come in all shapes and sizes and it may turn out that the particular teenager you’re buying for is vegetarian or vegan; therefore, cruelty-free or vegan skincare is a perfect idea.

5: Toiletries

These are essential for any teenager, and you can get them almost anywhere; the aisles in Superdrug and Boots are lined with gift sets and boxes, or you can pick up a few separate items and gift them together. The range is huge and it’s a gift that’s guaranteed to please. If you want to be a little less generic than your average Lynx set or makeup palette, hair masks or face masks can be a great gift too that boys may enjoy more.

6: Food

This is kind of ideal, really. All teenagers would appreciate some chocolate or another snack, and the choice is so huge you’re guaranteed to find something to suit the person you’re buying for. Options like gift hampers or subscription boxes are now available too so you could upgrade your gift easily.

7: A Bag

Bags can be great gifts as they’re often not something that people buy but might be something that needs to be replaced. You can get a huge array of school bags online and in many shops, or purses and clutches in most clothing shops. Drawstring bags are also useful and can be bought in most places.

8: A Wallet

Following on from the last idea, wallets are an inexpensive present that all teenagers need and want. These are perhaps a little more suited to boys, but both genders would appreciate a wallet or purse; again, you can get them online or in most clothing shops and they rarely cost more than £15.

9: School Supplies

If you know a teen who is taking their exams or just loves some quirky stationery, that’s a great practical gift that they will use. Cute notebooks and jotters, planners or even personalised calendars all make great presents as they’re all good for school.



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