Bumper Christmas Gift Guide For Her: 5 Meaningful Gifts + 39 Other Ideas


Christmas is the best time of the year and finding a good gift for an important lady in your life is important! This guide includes 5 thoughtful gift ideas and a further 40 presents that will suit any girl this festive period; perfect for someone who simply can’t think of the right gift.

Meaningful Gift Ideas

#1: Token Book

This is the cutest idea! Perfect for a couple who want to spend more time together and guaranteed to make for a perfect present. You can add in things such as a Costa date, an evening spent ice skating, a movie, a romantic dinner (even one at home is sweet) or simply a back massage or date night.

#2: Trip Away

A romantic weekend away to a city she’s always wanted to visit or a town she’s never been to is perfect. Plenty of time to make memories, have fun, relax and unwind, all of which will be very welcome. Even if you only spend the night there, going away for a short while is still loads of fun and you can make the most out of the time you have by booking any tickets in advance (also a smart way to save money). Another idea is to take her to a theme park or beach and then either stay over or head home – again, full of potential and so much fun!

#3: Date Night

Experiences and nights out are always great. If she’s into sports, buy tickets for an event or game and take her out for dinner before. Any girl would enjoy this and there are hundreds of opportunities, from sports to an expensive restaurant to a concert. Date nights are for both of you to enjoy, are always fun, and don’t have to be expensive; thoughtful gestures such as noticing the little things she likes and taking her out for a picnic under the stars or a trip to an animal rescue centre can be just as fun as going out on an expensive night out.

#4: Clothing

Again, depending on what she likes and wears, you can buy accordingly, but clothes are always a winner in my experience. If she’s into sports, check out JD Sports or perhaps specific stores for whatever she plays; as a gymnast, being bought leotards or joggers and oversized shirts with gymnastics slogans would be great. If she enjoys fashion and dressing up, there are hundreds upon hundreds of shops you can look at, but if online shopping is your thing, I’d recommend ASOS. Their range is fantastic, massive, and will suit literally anyone ever. You could also get accessories – hairbands, jewellery or even something like cute socks are a great gift.

#5: Stationery/Art Supplies

Stationery is a great present, especially if you’re looking for a smaller gift. Paperchase has the biggest range of planners, diaries, sketchbooks and notebooks, so that’s a good place to start. Zazzle is another favourite of mine and I’m lusting after the Minimalist Marble Notebook which is gorgeous and also useful, as you can NEVER have too many notebooks. If you’re buying for someone who’s into art or another creative like textiles or fashion design, art supplies are the perfect gift and you can find sketchbooks and the like at shops such as Paperchase, Hobbycraft, The Range and hundreds of independent shops that you can find dotted along high streets or with a little research. Some of my friends are obsessed with art and they love getting new sketchbooks or pencils, and earlier this year I bought one of my closest friends a huge set of watercolours and a fashion design book for her to practice with.

40 More Gift Ideas:

  1. A necklace
  2. A film
  3. Fluffy socks
  4. Chocolate
  5. Flavoured coffee or speciality hot chocolate
  6. Mascara
  7. A diary or planner
  8. A blanket or throw
  9. Candles
  10. Personalised mug
  11. Fairy lights
  12. Photo frames
  13. Books
  14. Lipstick or chapstick
  15. Baking set
  16. A scarf
  17. A beanie
  18. Toiletries
  19. Hair masks
  20. Handcream
  21. A face mask
  22. A clutch bag
  23. Headphones
  24. Phone case or cover
  25. Mini travel game
  26. Board game
  27. Puzzle book
  28. Bath bombs
  29. Body sprays
  30. Earrings
  31. CDs
  32. iTunes gift card
  33. Starbucks/Costa card
  34. Bath salts
  35. Skincare
  36. Portable charger
  37. Hair straighteners
  38. Makeup mirror
  39. Makeup bag or pencil case

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