8 Useful Tips For Productive Shopping In The Sales Section

The sale section is so important, and sometimes you can find three or four gorgeous items of clothing that would actually be around £50 but are reduced to only £15. You can also come away from an afternoon shopping completely exhausted and ready to give up, having bought absolutely nothing.

Recently, I’ve been trying to conscientiously expand my wardrobe and add timeless and gorgeous pieces that I know I will wear and love. I also have a current obsession for coats and jackets, which resulted in several being added to my birthday wishlist (oops).

#1: Choose items you need and want

There’s absolutely no point in searching for a denim skirt and buying seven jumpers. You haven’t got what you wanted and the reduced price just meant you spent too much money on seven things you don’t need.

Instead, make a list or at least have a vague idea of items you do and don’t need – it could make or break your shopping spree!

#2: Have a reasonable budget in mind

Budgeting is important as you can then envision a certain price for each separate item you’re looking for. As an example, I would limit myself to £15 for jeans and £10 for a denim skirt so I had an idea of ideal prices.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

I found this outfit for £18 in sales last weekend – winner, am I right?

Different shops also have different kinds of prices, so be aware that many shops could be 50% cheaper than others in the sale section. H&M and New Look both have great sales sections, and just the other week I picked up some gorgeous new jeans for only £4 in New Look, so it’s always worth having a look.

#3: Go with a friend

Shopping with a friend is not only fun but it’s also productive; make a collaborative list of things you both want to buy, then choose some shops and go for it! You can then have an outside opinion on your own clothing choices, and having someone else there is always more fun. They may also know different shops that have good sales, so you can even gain new knowledge and go somewhere new.

#4: Try everything on

The sizes can often be wrong due to clothes being put back incorrectly or on hangers of a different size. Further, the item could be in a sale for a reason. Try everything on, especially risky things such as tight fitting clothes and shoes. It’s always useful and will prevent any annoyance with ill-fitting clothes, incorrect sizings or bad surprises.

#5: Visit a range of shops

Different shops have different selections! Many shops only have a sale at particular times during the year, and others may have a permanent clearance section. Check all your favourite shops and go to at least three so you’ve got a wide perspective and a variety of choice. You’ll also get an idea of different prices by doing this.

#6: Try every size section

As I mentioned earlier, clothes can just be absentmindedly hung up and therefore in the wrong size section. You could easily find an item in your size with a bunch of clothes that are a completely different size. I often find that in Topshop, they organise their sales racks by item and the sizes are mismatched, so you can often find the right size with a bit of shuffling and looking around. When it’s something you love, it’s 100% worth it.

#7: Go to the till to ask how much it is

Prices can often be further reduced, so if the coat you love is listed at £40 and you’re truly obsessed, go to the till and double check the price. This can often save you up to £10, as items can be reduced and then the price tag not reflect this. I once saw this gorgeous black bandeau in the sales at £12, which was a bit of a stretch as it was plain but cute, so I went to buy it and ended up only paying £8 as it has been reduced more.


This cute bandeau was another complete steal; I found it in a New Look sale and was obsessed! There were about five colours, so I chose this baby pink and a khaki one and went to buy them. I got them both for £6 – which was less than the usual price of one!

#8: Research shops with the best deals

This is always a good plan. As I’ve said, both New Look and Topshop have good sales, and I have to admit to almost always giving in to my lust and buying something every time I visit. Depending on where you live and what shops you shop in most frequently, you may find that there are certain shops that reduce their prices a lot further than others.

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