How To Quickly Boost Pinterest Traffic and Pin Impressions


Pinterest can be hard to navigate and, like with many tasks to do with blogging, if you get 10 page views then it isn’t all that inspiring. Recently I decided to put some effort into properly boosting my traffic and I decided to use Pinterest as my main source; I already had an established account with a small following (however, following isn’t all that important on Pinterest, so don’t be put off).

Within only four days of using the site, I had managed to do this – a 285% increase on daily impressions? 239% increase on daily viewers? These were the main things I was looking at as only four days hadn’t made a huge difference to my number of monthly viewers.

I had got a few boards already – mostly ones to do with fashion and blogging, so the pins I had saved already helped me to understand the platform and how to convert viewers on your page to readers of your blog. So, this is my guide to doing exactly that in a very short space of time and with very little effort – and no Tailwind or other paid sites to help.

pinterest infographics screenshot

I then continued using the strategy for a few more days, intrigued to see if the stats would keep going up. They did; which meant I was able to receive even more traffic from the platform. The next screenshot is my stats after another week or so:

infographics screenshot 2

Update: A few weeks after publishing this, I checked my stats again and saw another huge improvement. My monthly viewers total is now at over 150k and monthly engaged at 5240. 

As you can see, the numbers all increased massively, but if you look at the graphs they also show a very positive correlation (the dip was due to a few days where I had less time due to extra homework). This blog post explains how you can achieve the same results as I did and accelerate your blog’s growth by using Pinterest in only a week.

Firstly, if the numbers above are too small for you to comprehend, leave now. This post is about explaining how I increased my impressions, views and traffic on Pinterest, not about how to get 6 million views from the platform.

5 Pinterest Tips

1: Create graphics on Canva

Canva is brilliant. Create professional-looking pictures and graphics for free and use them on almost any social site you fancy. Pinterest is ideal due to the nature of the site; everyone uses huge graphics to advertise their blog posts, products or services. I created around 4 graphics for each recently published (within 2-3 months) blog post and then took to Pinterest.

2:  Create a board for your blog

Again, so important! Having a board that contains graphics directly linking to your blog posts is so easy, and if you get lucky people will scroll through and even pin your content to their boards – simply by having a board with all your pins on it!

My board is below and it simply has a short but sweet description of the pins that will be on the board and the name is my blog name; always do that! It makes your content so much easier to find and then repin. You can also add more than one graphic per blog post onto your board, but don’t spam. I would limit you to adding 5 of your pins to your board per day, as people will quickly get bored of seeing endless realms of your stuff. Be considerate!

kisses of confidence pinterest board.png

You can visit my Pinterest board at Kisses of Confidence Board and see my Pinterest account here. Be sure to check me out and maybe give me a follow – just comment on this post and I’ll follow you back.

3: Join group boards in your niche(s)

This is hands down the best thing to do if you’re looking for traffic. Joining boards and then pinning your content is key to getting more impressions on your pins and consequently getting more clickthroughs. I’m in around 15 group boards and they make up almost all of my Pinterest traffic, so be sure to find some popular boards in your niche and join them.

You join group boards by either emailing the creator (the first person who comes up when you click to reveal the participants of the board) or direct messaging them on Pinterest. Do what the board instructions say, and just in case add your Pinterest name and blog address (if you email to be added). Expect people to take up to a week to process the email and add you, so don’t be impatient! Also, ask to join around 5 boards at a time so you don’t become too overwhelmed.

Another important point is that you should always stick to the instructions that are usually listed in the board description. Don’t pin too much, remember to repin relevant content from other people in the board and don’t add the same pin twice within a set time period. You may be removed from the board, which causes less traffic and fewer views.

4: Follow influential pinners in your niche

I am really bad at this! However, it’s very important and may also give you an idea of things to do (such as boards to create or group boards to join). After you’ve got a few boards and a few followers, try to follow around 50-100 influential and popular bloggers in your niche! They can then see that and could choose to repin some of your stuff, and other pinners will make the connection between you and be more likely to follow you. Plus, inspiration is never a bad thing.

5: Pin, pin, pin

This is the last stage – you won’t receive much traffic if you don’t pin to the boards you’ve created or been added to. I pin around 40 times a day currently (15 of my own pins and 25 others) to a selection of my boards. Then, I’ll take 2 or 3 pins from my own board containing pins linking to my blog posts and I’ll share them around. Add them to group boards (but, again, be sure to check you’re following the rules and pinning correctly as they are GOLD) and then share other people’s pins on the same board. Be generous, as people will see these repins and start to repin your content too.

pinterest pin views 1

The bottom pin in the image above is actually one of mine – it has 437 impressions and 4 clicks, meaning 4 people visited my blog in only 4 days from this one pin. You can also see that 7 people repinned it to one of their boards, which hugely increases its visibility. This shows that even with less than 1000 Pinterest followers and a relatively small number of boards and monthly viewers, I was able to quadruple my blog traffic and make Pinterest my biggest source of page views. I was so excited to see one of my pins in this section, but after pinning with a schedule and a fixed strategy as well as joining extra boards, I was actually able to get four of my own pins into the section.

pinterest pin views 2

The second, third, fourth and fifth pins are all mine; they all lead back to a post on my blog and therefore get me traffic. I was definitely shocked when I read this, but my traffic has skyrocketed since using Pinterest properly and the results are amazing. It shows that a simple pinning plan can easily get you numerous daily views, and my monthly view count will be in the thousands.

Pinterest Checklist

  • A board for your blog
  • An eye-catching and quirky profile picture
  • A concise bio that sums up your blog
  • At least 10-15 other boards with relevance to your niche (50+ pins each)
  • Be part of at least 5 group boards
  • Pin at least 3 of your own pins daily
  • Pin at least 20 pins from other bloggers daily
  • Follow around 30 new bloggers a day
  • Include your blog link in your bio
  • Pin your content to your other boards
  • Pin at least one of your pins to each group board you’re in per day

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