18 Things For Your December Bucketlist

Christmas is always exciting and there are dozens of fun things you can do to get in a festive mood and make the most of the season.  Here are some cute and inexpensive things that everyone should do this December; feel free to personalise and add to this list to tailor to your family’s needs!

1. Bake Christmas cookies or muffins

2. Visit a Christmas fair or event.

3. Go carol singing, or sing with friends or family.

4. Donate an item you don’t need to a kids Christmas charity

5. Have a Christmas hot chocolate from Costa

6. Go gift shopping with a family member

7. Make some cards, gift tags or presents for your loved ones.

8. Try making mulled wine (non-alcoholic is still an option)

9. Make peppermint creams or candy canes

10. Go and look for a Christmas tree

11. Go on a walk in a forest

12. Visit a lights display somewhere near you

13. Bake or buy mince pies

14. Exchange gifts with a friend over a Christmas snack

15. Dry oranges and use them as room scenters

16. Wrap up presents and try to make them look as pretty as possible

17. Jam out to your favourite festive tunes

18. Make a snack for Santa on Christmas Eve

These are just a selection of simple and cute things that you can do in the run-up to Christmas without breaking the bank; they’re fun to do and really get me into the Christmas mood. Comment any festive traditions that you have, and we’ll see if we do any of the same things!

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