5 Perfect Last Minute Gift Ideas For Anyone

Christmas is right around the corner and gifts are well underway being bought. If there’s still that special someone in your life that you haven’t been able to buy for, this list compiles five great gifts that can be bought for anyone into one blog post.


Socks, pyjamas and basic clothing staples are perfect for teenagers; we always need new clothes! Fluffy socks are good for anyone, and there’s always that one family member who loves a new top, so that’s another inexpensive and sweet gift.

Alternatively, almost any teenager would appreciate an addition to their wardrobe, and a jacket or a jumper is ideal at Christmas.


Name one big brand and the chance of it having a gift card or voucher available is pretty high; they provide great gifts for quite literally anyone. Costa and Starbucks, Topshop and ASOS, John Lewis, Zizzi and Pizza Express, Amazon, Spotify and iTunes, WHSmith, Accessorize, anything. There is almost definitely a gift card out there for everyone, and they make perfect Christmas gifts – and you can choose from several prices. Tesco has a huge range of gift cards so I’d advise shopping there or online.

If you’re looking for a personalised idea, you could create a voucher of homemade things like a brunch date, a massage, or anything you like! Gift tokens and voucher books are a perfect and inexpensive gift for someone who means a lot to you.


Who doesn’t like food? There are so many snacks out there that you can choose from hundreds of choices; there are even subscription boxes with snacks in! Hot chocolate sachets, flavoured coffee, chocolate, sweets and alcohol all work as cosy and cute presents. Plus, they’re also good stocking stuffers (minus the alcohol, given you’re buying for kids) if you’re stuck on inspiration.

Combine a selection of tasty snacks into a little basket and create an edible and incredible gift. This is great for a family, as a food hamper can be ideal for a picnic, or add in some alcohol for an evening in.

Shower Products

These can be purchased from almost anywhere and will make an ideal gift for anyone. Body sprays, face or hair masks, deodorant, shower gels, bath bombs, anything! If you’re looking for a larger gift, pop a few mini products into a gift basket or jar and label it as a Spa in a Jar for a cute and useful present. Also, who wouldn’t want one?


Wallets, jewellery and bags are great for anyone. A simple ring or pair of earrings are brilliant for any woman in your life, and if they’re super special then there are dozens of places you can get stunning jewellery. Wallets are also great for men, and they’re super useful too.

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