49 Blog Posts That Will Increase Your Traffic

Being a blogger is tiring and thinking of blog posts to write can often be difficult; we’ve all had blogger’s block at least once. Coming up with engaging, interesting and fun blog posts that your readers want to see is often a tricky task, and I spend a lot of time figuring out how to create better blog posts that my readers will really love. This post compiles 49 blog posts that you can write that your readers will love, including 6 different niches.

No matter what you like to blog about, one of these ideas will surely be helpful to you at some point! Jot a few ideas down so that you know you’re safe if blogger’s block comes back. Who else has a huge long list of ideas and plans for blog posts they want to write but simply don’t have the time?



  • Write about a recipe you love
  • Document your diet for a week
  • Create a recipe that mimics a popular food item; e.g a Starbucks drink, Nandos fries
  • Offer some tips on how to diet or eat healthily
  • Create a post outlining the best organic/vegan/vegetarian brands or cafes
  • If you live in a large town or city, write a post containing the best places to eat
  • Compile some last-minute snack ideas into a yummy post


  • Give a tutorial on a popular makeup look
  • Write about 5 products you wouldn’t repurchase
  • Monthly favourites posts
  • Round up your favourite beauty buys
  • Beauty steals for under £10 or £20 (Top 10 Under £10)
  • Share your favourite face masks or skincare products
  • Ride or die products
  • Review a popular or controversial product
  • Create beauty looks for holidays, seasons or specific days (Valentine’s day, Autumn makeup look, Spring makeup look)


  • Compile a list of your favourite destinations
  • Share your bucket list
  • Talk about the best places to go to in popular places you have visited (4 Stunning Places To Visit in Languedoc, France)
  • Share a list of other travel blogs that you enjoy reading
  • Create a big guide on a city or town near you
  • Create a travel itinerary for your next adventure
  • Include some tips on how to improve your travel photography
  • List some tips for long flights or journeys
  • Packing essentials post


  • Create a lookbook for a specific season (Summer Fashion Lookbook)
  • Compile a list of your favourite sweaters/shoes/bags
  • Recreate an outfit from several months ago and compare them
  • Choose one photo from the last five years and show how your style is changing
  • Talk about some of your style inspirations
  • Share some other style blogs that are relevant to your blog
  • Roundup post on the best fitness wear out there
  • Talk about your favourite brands or clothing lines
  • Share a whole outfit and suggest other ways to style it


  • List 5 things that helped you to grow your blog (This really helps grow your traffic, after writing this post, my traffic tripled for nine days: 40 Blogging Tips: Must-Have Traffic, Social Media and Growth Tips)
  • Share some tips that help you overcome blogger’s block
  • Write about how you increase your productivity
  • If you use social media, write a handy guide for one main platform
  • Describe how you started your blog
  • Make a list of your favourite bloggers (I’ve done this a few times and have found it very successful: 9 Inspirational and Influential Life and Style Bloggers You Need To Follow)
  • Create a guide for beginner bloggers and include useful advice that you wish you had known before you started blogging
  • Answer a list of FAQs on blogging (ask readers to send in questions)

Before you go… I’d love to connect with you on social media!

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4 thoughts on “49 Blog Posts That Will Increase Your Traffic

  1. Mary Añonuevo says:

    Thank you for this because recently and for an unknown reason, blogger’s block has been with me ALL THE TIME?! Like seriously girl, great ideas!!!! I’m gonna have to bookmark this right now 😍💘

    Liked by 1 person

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