Aims and Ambitions For 2019

Happy New Year! The first post of 2019 is going to be about what I hope to achieve this year and a few of the things I’ll be working towards; both for me and for my blog!

I will be looking back on this at the end of the year, when I will compare what I have done with what I planned to do.


  1. To hit over 30,000 pageviews this year.
  2. To collaborate with 3 or more other bloggers.
  3. To hit over 2000 Pinterest followers.
  4. To guest post on other people’s sites.
  5. To become better at outfit photography.
  6. To post once per week or more on this site.
  7. To publish at least 2 eBooks and link them to this blog.
  8. To work on my email list.

Mental Health

  1. I want to start a Mental Health blogging series in order to help myself and others.
  2. To practice self-care more often.
  3. I hope to perfect some of my breathing techniques and become less anxious.


  1. To do at least 5 park runs (5k) this year.
  2. To perfect my study and revision techniques for exams in the following years.
  3. To branch out in terms of style and stop wasting money on things I don’t use.
  4. To stop buying any products that have been tested on animals.
  5. Become fitter in general and try to join an athletics club.
  6. To buy only 1 item of clothing per month.
  7. To be more motivated to do things like blog, revise and eat healthy!

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