Travel Bucketlist

This post is a little different for me, as I don’t blog about travel very frequently and only record it when I have been on a trip or holiday and have interesting photographs. However, today I thought that sharing my travel bucket list would be a fun thing to do!

I’m combining many activities and things I’d love to do across the world into one post; comment one thing you’ve always wanted to do or see. 

Eat pizza/pasta in Italy. Firstly, I’m obsessed with Italian food and pasta is my all-time favourite, but from what people who have been to Italy have said, the food is even better there! In Italy, I would choose to go to Rome because of the history aspect and also because it has a lot of attractions within the city centre.

Go scuba diving off a tropical island. A little generic and vague, but I have a fear of the sea that manifests itself in very cautious swimming, even in shallow or clear water, and whenever we go abroad I always find myself playing out various scenarios as I’m in the ocean; ‘What happens if there’s a shark?’ and ‘I wonder how fast I could swim if there was a shark’ are two pretty common thoughts. So, I’d love to go somewhere that has really stunning scenery and wildlife so I’d be unable to fight the temptation to go swimming!

Go to Greece. This has actually been the dream for a while and I remember scrolling through page upon page of endless blue skies, white sands and crystal water. Everything looks so gorgeous there! If possible, I want to spend a few weeks travelling around a few of the smaller islands, and then end up on Crete.

Float around Venice. I have a small obsession with Italy, albeit having never been, and would absolutely love to take a boat trip around the place; how cool is the whole concept of having a town connected with waterways? It’s different from places in England and looks picturesque, and it would be great to go. 

Visit Malawi and support a charity. My grandparents are great supporters of several charities their church funds annually, and for a few years now they have been working with a trust in Malawi, allowing sick and injured children to have more protection against dangerous diseases, and access to clean water. They also have two people from Malawi over to stay each year for a number of days, and I’d love to continue the tradition and support the children of Malawi, and also visit them.

Visit the Seychelles. Who wouldn’t want to go? I’m still jealous over a friend’s holiday there several years back, and her photos of clear blue water, clean white sand and fresh fruit are all tempting. 

Take a few months out and travel around America. For such a massive continent (well, two) I know little about each individual state and what America has to offer, but it would be so cool to just head off with plane tickets and see where we end up! If I could choose which states I’d visit, I would say California, Texas (simply because Simone Biles lives there and she is my hero) and Hawaii, because it’s super pretty and I few friends have recommended it! I’d also love to go to Canada as my parents went and they have the most stunning pictures of mountains and crystal clear lakes and never-ending forests, and it looks gorgeous!

Go in a hot air balloon. Although not necessarily associated with travel, I think that hot air ballooning looks like loads of fun and it would also ensure amazing photos. Granted the weather is nice, it would be good to go anywhere, but somewhere really idyllic would be great; France or Canada, maybe. Weirdly enough, I have a recurring dream about going on a date with someone and taking a hot air balloon trip and it’s always a nice dream – maybe that’s why I want to do it so badly.

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