4 Picturesque Places To Visit In The New Forest, England

1: Lymington

We stayed around ten minutes from the town centre and it really is gorgeous; it’s relatively small and very traditional, and there are several amazing places to eat that we tried on several occasions. Both the fish and chip shop (it’s called Deep Blue and it’s a must) and the pasty shop (very handily placed on opposite sides of the road) were huge hits, which we enjoyed by the harbour which was less than a 5-minute walk away.

For quite a small town, the high street is big enough and has several cafes, several other places to eat, two Italians and a few clothes shops as well as the normal other shops. Plus, as it’s so close to the sea that you can enjoy a leisurely shop and then a stroll by the sea. I would definitely recommend visiting as it’s stunning and very tourist-friendly! There are also many attractions close by, including the ferry to the Isle of Wight, a nature reserve and other seaside towns and villages only ten minutes away.

The town is incredibly photogenic, especially in the sunshine!
The harbour is super photogenic, especially when the Sun is setting

2: Christchurch

Absolutely beautiful, great for shopping and full of character! There are several streets lined with independent stores and shops with a few bigger brands, and there’s cafe after cafe and gift shop after gift shop. There are also beaches very nearby and the town centre is big enough to spend half a day in. Even better, there’s a beautiful river to walk along and several historical monuments, including a huge church (where the town got its name) and some ruined walls by the river.

If shopping isn’t your thing, I would definitely recommend stopping by to have lunch or brunch here, as it has true charisma and the natural beauty of the area surrounding the town is a lovely setting for a walk before your meal. History fans can also pop into the enormous church for a wander, as it dates back to the early 12th century. 

3: Milford on Sea

We spent an incredibly sunny October morning on the beach, and the whole atmosphere was lovely; it was gorgeous weather so it was busy but not crowded, and the views out to the open sea and the Isle of Wight were lovely. The beach is gorgeous and perfect for a stroll in spring or autumn, and may even be good for a swim during the warmer months; the selection of ice cream bars and places to eat make it a popular place to spend a sunny day. 

If you’re interested in geography and coastal landforms, the whole area is interesting due to the everchanging nature of the South coast, and the amazing formations created by the waves. You can look over at the Needles (a very famous set of stacks and stumps off the Isle of Wight) or discuss the pros and cons of the groynes used frequently on the beaches there. 

4: Milton

Although Milton is a little more isolated than the other places on this list, it’s great for taking a walk and exploring the more natural part of the New Forest. Full of places to stroll and the famous New Forest ponies that are native to the area, this is a great place to visit if you’re serious about nature or just enjoy hiking.

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