25 Blog Posts About Blogging That Will Double Your Pageviews Quickly

Blogging is something relatively new; the internet hasn’t been around for a long time, and there are already millions of bloggers who share posts daily on how to grow your blog, how to increase your traffic, how to use a certain social media platform and almost anything else under the sun. 

If you have experience, then writing about what you already know is a perfect way to grow your blog and also increase your reach. Here’s why. 

Some bloggers like to share how they receive blog traffic and allow others to benefit from their expertise and knowledge. This is a great way to build relationships with other bloggers and get your voice heard, but it’s also actually a good way to grow your own traffic. You can get a great response from these posts as other bloggers are almost guaranteed to be interested, especially if you can engage with other people and share your post. Here are 25  posts that you can write with your own experience to grow your blog traffic:

  1. Talk about how you grew your blog traffic
  2. Give some tips on how to expand your email list
  3. Share 5 tips to growing your following on a social media platform
  4. Give some useful tips on photography
  5. Explain how to analyse your blog traffic correctly and what to do with the findings
  6. Give a detailed Canva tutorial
  7. Share some things you learned in your first month/six months/year blogging 
  8. Advise your readers what not to do if they want to be successful
  9. Write a post that contains everything you need to include in a blog post
  10. Give away a blog post template
  11. Give away a media kit template
  12. Share how you got your first affiliate sale
  13. Write a list of photography equipment you need to blog well
  14. Share some tips for being a better blogger
  15. Explain why you started your blog and what your motivations were
  16. Write about a positive experience you had due to blogging
  17. Share how blogging has impacted you and your life
  18. Talk about how you can collaborate with brands or other bloggers
  19. Share any experience you have with working with brands
  20. Write about SEO and give your best tips to understanding it and gaining traffic from using it 
  21. Explain how to create free products to give away, such as a PDF, webinar or eBook
  22. Talk about monetisation of your blog
  23. Compare the advantages and disadvantages for certain types of monetisation (eg ads, guest posts)
  24. Share a number of blogs you enjoy reading
  25. Give a tutorial on how to look like a professional blogger

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