29 Engaging and Interesting Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

Mental health blogs are a little more exclusive than lifestyle and beauty blogs, and I’ve definitely realised there are a shortage of posts like this. So, if you blog about anything to do with health, wellness, happiness or mental health, this is for you. 

  • Share a past experience or story 
  • Give some tips on how to be happier/boost your mood
  • Write a post on something that you know a lot about – for example, how to be healthier/be less anxious/beat depression
  • Share your best tips for being productive on a bad mental health day
  • Describe how you help yourself, and if you’ve been to counselling or therapy then give your readers a snippet of what you learnt
  • Share things that will cause your mental health to suffer
  • Talk about the stigma surrounding mental health 
  • Share some useful blog posts that have helped you
  • Round up some things you shouldn’t say to someone who’s struggling with a mental health disorder
  • Share some sleeping tips for people who find it hard to sleep
  • Explain the most useful things you can do for a friend who’s struggling with a mental health disorder
  • Give your readers a day-in-the-life post
  • If you have overcome or beaten a mental health disorder, talk about how you did so 
  • Share some wellness blogs that you read frequently
  • Write a post talking about little lifestyle adjustments you can do to improve your mental health
  • Write about your inspiration and people who help you to deal with your mental health
  • Explain how to feel happier during the cold wintry months
  • Review a product (diary, supplement, book, guide etc) and give your readers an insight into how it has helped
  • Talk about exercise and how it can help your mental health
  • Create a mini guide to surviving a certain mental health disorder
  • Write about an awkward experience that you had to deal with and give some coping tips
  • Share things you’ve learned about yourself because of your disorder
  • Tell your readers the worst things about your disorder
  • Share the most positive outcomes of your mental health disorder and say why this has helped you
  • Create a humorous story regarding mental health by using an allegory or fictional characters to help people understand
  •  Illustrate what it’s like to have a mental health disorder
  • Share your favourite charities or websites that support people with mental health disorders
  • Promote organisations or activities nearby that help people struggling with their mental health
  • Write about an epic fail that you had to overcome!

3 thoughts on “29 Engaging and Interesting Mental Health Blog Post Ideas

  1. gracedoesblogs says:

    loved this blog post! I will be definitely Italy using some of these ideas to share my experience with mental health and put myself out there a bit more xxx


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