10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need To Try: How To Shop Ethically

Wanting to make the transition from cruelty to cruelty-free but not sure where to start? Here’s my guide of 10 great beauty brands that will brighten up your makeup routine and make you wish you had heard of them before. I use most of these frequently and am obsessed with a few brands listed here and definitely agree that all of these are great substitutes for any brand that still tests on animals. Many are also vegan, so if you’re interested in that, check out any individual brands for their promises. The beauty brands featured here are all ethical as they are very against animal testing and cruelty to animals, and as a vegetarian, I strongly support them all and am still trying to complete a cruelty-free collection. So, if you’re interested in ethics and buying responsibly, this is the place for you.

Although you may not realise it, there are dozens of beauty blogs that focus on vegan or cruelty-free makeup which is another source of reviews and information on more brands that you can buy from, guilt-free. This roundup lists both high-end brands and online stores only to help you find the best skincare and makeup for you at whatever price you like!

Lottie London

Perfect for adorable tools and brushes! Lottie London is one of the first brands I became accustomed to when I started experimenting with makeup, and I’m still buying from there frequently.

Makeup Revolution

I buy a ton of the makeup basics from here as I’m a teenager and therefore often shop where the price is low and the quality is high! Having said that, their low prices are actually not a good reflection of their products; many products are really good and are some of my staples in my daily makeup look.

Barry M

I am obsessed with their nail polishes – who isn’t? I’m so happy that they are officially cruelty-free as many nail brands aren’t.


Worth The Hype mascara is, well, worth the hype; not only is it great for volume and length, it’s very reasonably priced and also has nice packaging.


Lush is a winner for everything bath and body – but they also have some beauty staples that are close to perfection.

The Body Shop

Probably one of my favourites from this list, The Body Shop not only do stunning bath products but have expanded to have a high-quality makeup line. I received their beauty advent calendar last year and was very pleasantly surprised at the products I received! Not only is The Body Shop super hot about the current environmental crisis around the world, but they also campaign against animal testing and have a sizeable vegan collection. A few of my favourite products include the Fan Brush (which is vegan), the Tea Tree Face Mask which has 3 functions and smells heavenly and also the Vanilla Marshmallow Bath Foam. All in all, they have a massive range of products varying from hair masks to cleaners to mascara to body lotions and they’re all pretty damn good.

Skin & Tonic

Firstly, the name of this brand may be one of the smartest names; it seems to suit the whole brand and works really well. Secondly, their range is also amazing and although adding this to the list  is a little cheeky as I’ve never bought anything from there, I’m itching

Disclaimer – There are no affiliate links within this post, I am simply providing links to material I find useful and topical for the reader.

3 thoughts on “10 Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands You Need To Try: How To Shop Ethically

  1. Life As Najida says:

    Some of these are my top faves! It’s really good to know that they are cruelty free​ because I hate the thought of makeup being tested on animals x

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