24 Pinterest Tips I Swear By For Increasing Traffic and Boosting Your Blog

  • Use a striking or colourful profile picture

Not only do colourful and vibrant photos look great in your profile, they really stand out. If other pinners are skimming through a long list of names and they see a gorgeous, well-edited and bright shot of someone as their profile picture, they are much more likely to click over to your page and go and follow you. If you blog about things like food or another niche that doesn’t specifically require a photo of you, I would recommend you still use a profile picture of yourself as it increases the chance of people Give a brief description of your blog, and keep it under around 20 words

Pin every day

Again, this is so important. Pinning daily keeps followers interested, your monthly viewer numbers high, and your boards of high health. Pinterest will allow you to get more views and more pin impressions if you pin more regularly due to their algorithms. 

Pin other people’s content slightly more than your own

Help others out – repin their stuff onto relevant boards, make sure that some of your boards contain high numbers of other people’s pins, and be generous. If other pinners see you doing this they will do the same and reciprocate, resulting in extra repins and extra traffic for you. 

Try to pin 4-10 of your own pins to boards per day

Don’t go on pinning sprees

Spread daily pinning out as much as possible

Follow popular pinners in your niche

Always pin long and vertical pins

Create detailed and SEO-friendly descriptions

Create high-quality graphics

Pin to as many group boards as you can without seeming spammy

Be a part of at least 10 group boards

Repin from group boards daily

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